Hafiz In Love

February 17th, 2018 / 12:09 PM

I got to know about a Hafiz who fell in love with a girl. The whole story got published in the news and like everybody else I also got to know about the details of the story from the news sources. Hafiz sahab is the son of the caretaker of the mosque who is also serving as the local Imam leading the prayers 5 times a day. No parent never tries to make their children a monster or a criminal. I believe that somewhere down the line they fell short in raising their child as a responsible human which is why even after memorizing the Holy Quran he was not able to get any formal education and works as a welder. He will not be the first person or the last person who make anybody very repulsive towards religion because a lot of the people act as the contractors of religion or if I be honest act like special humans of God sent to train other humans. These are the ones whose behaviour in society has only caused damage to others. The Hafiz Sahab fell in love with a girl who was already engaged to one of her cousins. But because of his bad company, Hafiz was able to acquire weapons which he used to scare the family of the girl and also the one she was engaged to. I am very sure that the father of this Hafiz Sahab would have come to know about the actions of his son from the neighborhood prior to this episode. But a time comes in the life of every man when he is not able to impose his beliefs on his children. The same happened as the news sources have detailed that one evening the Hafiz Sahab lost his patience and went to attack the family of the girl after the evening prayer. Coincidently the father of the girl was not at home but his luck was out when he arrived at home at the same moment and was also shot dead by the Hafiz Sahab, the perfect man of religion. In this incident 5 lives were lost including that girl's whom Hafiz claimed to love. This is not the first or the last time when somebody had committed such a heinous crime feeding to his emotions and taking the law into their own hands. The criminal is already on the run and the family of a girl comprising of 5 junior brothers and an aunt have moved with a poor uncle who is a taxi driver. This is another example when people fail to understand what love actually is. Many times young men become obsessed with ephemeral attractions for a woman and assume this emotion to be love. Another woman lost her life because of love but who will remember her tomorrow. Many will not even remember her even today. Sassi and Heer were lucky in one matter, their name is still remembered. Here she didn’t even love that man of God as most huffaz claim themselves to be. This is not out of repulsion but a fact that he is not the first Hafiz I scorn. Don’t think that evil can never cross the walls of a madrassa. Many evil are born there, some out of sodomy.

 (Photo by K Chaudhry)

(Photo by K Chaudhry)


February 14th, 2018 / 07:32 AM

Not all things fade with time. Red is still the color I like. But some things have already faded. Time is a reality that corrodes us all with no discrimination. It is that day of the year again. And perhaps the same me too. But one thing I am so sure of not the same is the heart. It took me time to talk some sense to it. But then it did learn. And like all learnings this learning had a price. The price of color. I guess some faded red is way better than all red. There is one thing I would still love to add about love however. It's an emotion that can never die. It is an emotion that has the beauty of being as eternal and as timeless as God himself. One would easily label love as a mistake when one would be not mature enough to understand what love itself is or married with a child to take care of already. It takes a time to understand the beauty and pleasure hidden in pain .Don't be one of them who confuse love and relationships. They are are two different words and they are two different feelings. What you have seen ending can never be love. What you feel you have mastered is relationships even if that relation be of a husband or of a wife. I have not sent any gifts to anyone this year. Maybe I have grown old. Maybe I have learnt from my relationships. Whatever the case be I have not stopped loving. That is the dilemma of love. You cannot start it. You cannot end it. You got to live with that. 


Unwanted Wants.

February 10th, 2018 / 07:07 PM
I am still an early morning person and before beginning my day and leaving for work the first thing I check is the newspapers that the paperwala slides under the door. It is like a ritual that I perform everyday. One of the best things I have been blessed with is living the life of a day-person. At times I feel that my wife would be very angry over this habit of mine. But I guess I love the sun and the sunlight as much as I would love her. I still adore the smell and the touch of the classic newspaper which the modern digital electronic medium lack. Even today I have subscribed to three newspapers which are more than inspiring and not just being traditional old news source. As I flip pages and reach the Crimes and Courts section, I pray that I don't come across the news of people killing their own children. But still the monsterity of humans lives on. At least twice every week I find such news which has become norm of the society that people dump their kids especially daughters into the trash. Our society has seen one such man who took care of such homeless children whom the society easily labels as a bastard. Abdul Sattar Edhi. There is only one way humans come into existence and we all have followed the same path except for Prophet Adam. We all have remained a product of love so labelling a child unwanted and pushing him to live with the stigma of being a bastard, we are not less of any criminal. What happens to those dead bodies people find in dumpsters, graveyards or open places. We come across such news, we read them, we see them and like always tomorrow we forget that news and continue with our lives. My mood was fine when I woke up. It was fine when I read the political pages. It was even fine when I read that my favourite team lost the match last night. But my mood took a severe hit when I read the news of a child found in a dumpster and the police has already registered a case against an unknown woman. There are some evils that have lived longer than generations of a nation and I think this is one of such evils which will outlive this very nation and the nation that will take its place. God has said it, science has proved it and philosophy points to it that this world is only a suitable place for the fittest. Our moral decline has proven that we are not fit to live in this world and with this momentum someone will replace us eventually. Someone more fit than us. I feel that the biggest evil we as Pakistanis face is the lack of education. People who are lucky enough to go to schools and colleges are also not refined enough to obey parking laws, traffic rules and the law in general. Now that is not a sign of an educated person. What good is that school or college or any formal education if you are not able to live your life as a law abiding citizen. Under good clothes and trimmed beards walk many monsters wearing human skin. The moment people heard about the death of Edhie, people were divided into two groups. One who supported him for what he did in his life and the other who called him nothing but a monster who waged a war against God and protected and raised those unwanted bastard kids. But just imagine for a moment and answer the question that what is the fault of a boy or a girl who are just coming into this world and don't even know the harsh realities of life. How can one be so cruel or a monster to push such a young and innocent soul towards death. We seriously lack as a nation. Education is the only thing that can save us. But we are so stubborn that we don't even want to learn. This society is a very evil and a bipolar society. People live at two extremes. On one side are those who claim God in everything. And on the other end are those who claim to be bigger than God. Wanted is this education the lack of which is making unwanted children. Why are people so ashamed of asking for a condom or a contraceptive pill? I remember once being at a Pharmacists when a man walked in and was too shy to ask for a condom. People don't fear the consequences they bring upon themselves when they push a child towards death, a child that is so unwanted to them that most of them end up in trash. But they are not afraid of stopping all the misery by just opening up their mind to kill shame and taboos. Our morality has fallen to such a level that I feel it would be nothing short of a miracle to bring it back to a level of normality again and the only thing that can do it is the miracle of education. I still remember that news from 2017 when a 5 day old girl was buried in miani sahib kabristan, Lahore. The parents came to the grave of the child the very next day for prayers and were shocked to find the grave wide open and the body missing. To this day nobody has a clue of what happened or who took it. I have a very strong gut feeling that the body of that girl would never be found again. Yet when we pick up books of stories to tell tales to children, all the monsters we find don't have a face of any human but as we grow up we see the bitter reality that the only monster you need to be afraid of is the one you see in the mirror. 


February 9th, 2018 / 05:28 PM

The verdict of the case is out. Two people have been convicted and have been sentenced to death. And a whole gang pardoned or given very light punishments. But the drama has not ended. In fact one of the very evil political parties has taken to the streets and are protesting in favour of those who killed a man in the name of God. It's not the first time somebody has been killed in the name of god and definitely it's not the last time either. But in a country where blasphemy is a very sensitive subject we all have seen how it was manipulated in silencing a person for personal interest. It is more shocking that people are still supporting a killer. The father of Mashal Khan has also expressed his disagreement over the verdict of this case. I too failed to understand why everybody who played a role of being an accomplice to a murderer not awarded the same and justful punishment. What has happened to Mashal Khan can happen to anyone. But all the people to whom injustice is done are not lucky enough that for them a political party stages a protest especially when that party comprises only of mullahs standing united under the flag of self-proclaimed God's good men. The only beard I like is either my own or of a girl who was my classmate in medical college. She had very long hair on her legs which made me imagine her in a beard. Sadly, she is equally violent in my imagination. 



February 7th, 2018 / 04:39 AM
DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is the chemical that life-forms depend upon to transfer information from one generation to the next. That is why a goat is born to a goat and a lion is born to a lion but there is no guarantee that a doctor will be born to a doctor. Even if the possibility existed, I would still try to throw some  X-rays and mutate the genetic information so that the next person is not a doctor and enjoys a stress-free life. In the recent days this word has been in the news because of the Zainab case. A killer has been identified using this biological material. Now that plot is very thick. And I don't trust every news I get. There are so many suggestions one can bring forth when solving a mystery or a crime but one of the things our system lacks is the human data that is bound to exist but doesn't in the first place. How many people you know who have their dental records or their DNA record? Most of the people I know are not even careful about the data that they generate on their phones, tablets and computers. They have no records of their travel tickets, old invoices, medical prescriptions etc. That is one of the reasons why a lot of pictures of women that end up being misused on the internet come from all those stolen or lost phones that reach the market. We don't use encryption and we don't care about the data that we generate. It is this reason that during many investigations a critical piece of information doesn't exist in the first place. When any Pakistani signs up for his or her National Identity Card (NIC) he is bound to provide certain information like his photograph and the impression of his fingerprints. What if we incorporate some biometric system that a data of our dental records and DNA exist in a national database which can help in solving difficult crime cases. Money spent at the right moment is a fraction of that money which is spent in emergency. I have heard 1 fascinating thing about DNA that it itself can store tremendous amount of information only in a few grams of it. From the time videos have infiltrated our digital lives and places like Facebook and YouTube exist so much amount of data is being generated on a daily basis that I face the dilemma of shifting to a more economic and stable form of storage. I agree that the prices of hard drives have fallen drastically over the years but how cool it would be to just generate a few grams of DNA and store information on it whenever you want. But being a man I know once you generate a few grams you are not able to generate another few grams instantly no matter how powerful the attraction is. That is one price of being a man. 

  (Image by Anthony L.)

(Image by Anthony L.)

Murder. Mystery. Mahesh.

February 5th, 2018 / 04:08 AM
I heard the news of a politician and his wife being found in a room after being shot dead. It looks like a plot from the next Hollywood blockbuster but I guess even someone from Pakistan would not try to make a movie or at least a drama on this happening. A famous politician of Sindh was found dead and in two days the police have come to a conclusion that first he shot his wife. Later on he committed suicide. I have lived in neighborhoods where people are more friendly and open to each other. At least that is one way of defining a poor neighborhood. A perk of a poor neighborhood is that people know a lot of about their neighbours. This can be a blessing sometimes while mostly it's a nuisance.  The investigations are still underway but the official statement that comes from the department of investigation states that the politician had doubts about the character of his wife which is why he first killed her and then took his own life. If anyone can get inspiration from this news and even the cast from this country, then that would be Mahesh Bhatt. I mean just look at it. The story has glamour, the story as politics and even a bit of sex. A politician kills his wife. Thick plots. Tall houses. If I had money in spare, I would definitely Invest in making a movie about it. But remember, truth is not always that comes to you from official sources. What if there is more to the story. I tried to follow up on that news story which happened in the same neighborhood a few months back where a security guard killed a boy of a powerful policeman. God knows what happened next but what we heard from the newspapers and television back then was that the Bodyguard had relationships with the mother of that boy and the boy found both of them together in a room one night. That led to a fight which the security guard claims to be just an accident. I don't know what happened to that guard. Who knows what happens behind tall and thick walls in a posh neighborhood. Many have a fetish about this subject. I live in an apartment the balcony of which blesses me with decent views that sometimes become indecent. Now that is a story I also like especially when I have more than one cameras and long zoom lenses. Mahesh Bhatt is not wanted in this case at all. I don't like him in the first place, the kharish wala director.

 Minister and His Wife

Minister and His Wife


(Random photograph)

See The Sea

February 4th, 2018 / 03:44 AM / Karachi
I went to the sea today. it is not the first time I went there. and it is not the last time I would go there. There are so many memories that are associated with the sea both good and bad. there are few people that always remind me of the sea and the sea always reminds me of  a few people. it's not just the people I remember all those mistakes as well about which I wish I had never committed. almost all my life I have lived in places that are next to the sea which is why sea became a friend from very old time. Like true love or like God himself sea looks very timeless to me.It never ages. A part of me always fantasizes about the romantic element of the sea. even the religious books have so many events and stories that revolve around the sea. Half of the history says that Moses parted the river and the other half talks about a sea. If the world becomes divided on this point I would take the side of the sea instead of a river. The word Samandar has been used at so many  places in poetry. but the sea that I am able to visit has become polluted over the years. We as a nation are not honest with the blessings that God has given us, sea being one of them. A polluted sea is like a polluted life. Just like an idea that infiltrates your mind and takes hold of your mind polluting almost everything the mind controls, once the sea is polluted it becomes very hard for life to be normal again. But my trip was tiring, I enjoyed every bit I spent in water even though more than once the tide seemed to take me with it. Like a good friend Sometimes the sea talks back to me.And like every good friend we make an evil plan.What I was too tired at that time to execute that plan.Took a shower and removed all this and that was stuck in my clothes and in my head.Came home and slept with tired and painful muscles.I guess every friend gives you some pain. 



February 2nd, 2018 / 03:04 AM / Karachi

Yesterday a turmoil occurred at Lahore session court. Even though I have some memories associated with courts, they are mostly bitter. All that grand architecture that represents law brings butterflies to my stomach. The first and most basic element of law is being equal for all. Sadly, in this country the law varies with the person. The more money you have the more laws you can bend. This itself is a mirror that reflects the ugly reality of our judiciary system. We witnessed the same thing happened today. Two men were gunned down due to personal enmity. A killer entered the premises of the court. He not only entered but also killed 2 people and miraculously escaped. This is more like a loop we are living in. How many times have we witnessed this happened. Somebody grows a grudge, plans and then enter a secure premise, kills a living human and then escapes unharmed. Lahore session court so the same thing happened today. Life has given its healthy share of bumps.  that is why I have also been to court more than once. I can still remember very vividly the weather the people and the whole environment of that place. Back in those days our country had not witnessed the unrest it witnessed in the later years that is why I was able to capture many photographs of the places which remind me of the old time. I can still remember that husband and wife who exchanged blows and kicks. I still remember those lawyers who exchanged first violent slurs  and then bullets. To a bigger surprise, there is even a shrine right inside Lahore High Court. It always makes me feel as if when your lawyer fails to bail you out, you can ask God for help. But what if an atheist comes to the court. Now that raises some very serious questions. Happy faces are not the only faces that I have seen in the court. There is a healthy quota of Angry sad and troubled faces as well.The police have later identified the person who did the daring today. On such events raise the question of How such weapons can be transported to a place which is heavily guarded.But like always tomorrow we forget and we never learn from our mistakes. In March of 2017 3 people were killed near minar-e-Pakistan one of them a passerby. Two of them were brothers. This was the result of a personal enmity. Imagine the level of planning it took not only to monitor the people but also their activity and their part and the date which they were visiting the same Session Court. their Enemies were smarter which is why the Ambush was successful. did we learn anything from that event. nothing. that's the simple answer. this whole Court environment and court happening especially the unrest makes me feel very uncomfortable. Before getting admitted to a medical college, I used to go to an academy and the path which I used to take had a session court on it. Right next to that Session Court was a girls college which to this day exists. I had imagined a story after I saw one of my crushes there.  in an alternate Universe I also wear a black coat, have a beautiful wife whom I met exactly at the place of my work, the same Session Court. but I am very sure even in that alternate Universe some evils exist. I hope the law prevails there. 



February 1st, 2018 / 10:05 PM / Karachi
So 2018 has already seen its first month end. Life goes on and on. The lessons still come in.If you keep looking at the mainstream media you might not find the truth at all. That is one of the reasons reading something other than your primary interests is a knowledge like no other. The last month has seen many terminals especially the child abuse cases plaquing the country. A similar cases emerged in Multan where a young student of a University was raped by a senior teacher and 6 people who first harassed her and then assaulted her. She reported the case to higher authorities but even after one year they were not able to stop that boy who was the main culprit who was the son of UC chairman. Just imagine the pain a woman has to go through in such a country where people are so polar that they want justice son honour for their own women but are disrespectful for the women of others. This is an evil that runs deep. It is not the first time such a controversial news has emerged out of that particular University. That University has remained home to very fanatic and radical minds. One such example is that of Junaid who was falsely implicated in a blasphemy case and is still behind bars. Let's not forget about that son of a powerful politician who used to sell the biggest racket of drugs in Punjab. That came from the same University as well. Normally the names of Institute ring a very good bell. But some universities only bring bad memories. The universities I have attended always freshen up some memories from the past. Now those memories are fat ugly and married. God has saved me once again.


January 25th, 2018 / 09:15 AM / Karachi

تشنگی بے سبب نہیں ہوتی

مے کشی بے سبب نہی  ہوتی


محتسب خود بھی اس کا قائل ہے

زندگی بے سبب نہیں ہوتی


دوستی بھی کبھی رہی ہوگی

دشمنی بے سبب نہیں ہوتی


گھر جلا ہے یا دل جلا ہے کوئی

روشنی بے سبب نہیں ہوتی 


دخل ہوتا ہے کچھ نظر کو بھی

دلکشی بے سبب نہیں ہوتی


کسی طوفان کی آمد آمد ہے

خامشی بے سبب نہیں ہوتی


کیا کسی کے ہو منتظر محسن

بے کلی بے سبب نہیں ہوتی


January 25th, 2018 / 03:22 AM / Karachi
میں نے اس کا بچہ دیکھا. اس کا چہرہ اس کی ماں سے بہت ملتا ہے. جب تک وہ میری زندگی میں تھی میں یہی سوچتا تھا کہ اگر کبھی ہم دونوں کی زندگی ایک دوسرے کے ساتھ گزری تو چہرہ کس سے ملے گا مجھے اب میرے سوال کا جواب مل گیا ایک بار پھر سے مجھے اللہ نے یہ دکھا دیا ہے .کہ ضروری نہیں جو ہم چاہتے ہوں ہمارے لیے وہی خوشی کا باعث ہو.ایک بار پھر سے میں یہ کہنے پر مجبور ہوں کہ جو بھی ہوا اچھا ہوا


January 24th, 2018 / 07:12 AM / Karachi

Dad always says when you get a news, make sure it is true. The question arises how would one ever find out the truth from the heap of information. That is the reason why I avoid the television and even the newspapers which look like a staged drama and an orchestra perhaps. The whole country has seen the outcome of the murder of an innocent girl Zainab. The authorities have claimed to arresting of a man who is the alleged rapist and the murderer of the innocent child. But the question arises how would you tell the authenticity of him being the real murderer especially when the news comes from a society which follows a crippled system? A lot of people don't question the information that reaches their minds which is why people unworthy of power have already found themselves in the corridors of power and ruling the country for many decades. Asking question is a human right but in a crippled democracy like Pakistan asking questions can get you killed. I am sure a lot of people would not even bother to question whether our Agencies and departments have worked efficiently and had made sure that the person they have arrested is the real culprit. Everyone seems too eager to hang that person. But there is one question nobody has even bothered to touch and that question is "Why did he do such a heinous act in the first place?" I am sure that a few questions can save people from a lot of troubles in the future but this also requires a mind trained to ask questions even if the questions are being asked to the person running the country. We have failed at so many stages, at so many places, at so many levels that we can also add to the list that we have also failed as a country and as a nation our minds are already bound to think like we are trained to think and never question more than we are habitual to ask. As I type this it is the early hours of the day and I have a job to attend. I will be keeping an eye on how things roll out and I hope and pray that our departments and agencies don't kill a man beyond the bounds of law while he is still behind the bars and the whole Nation still awaits justice.

Lessons Of Faith

I heard the news of a student who shot the principal of the college yesterday. When asked why he did that at the time of the arrest he answered the policeman that the principal had committed blasphemy. This word has so many repercussions and implications. This word has already altered the lives of so many people. We have opted new means of transport and communications. But when it comes to proving someone of the alleged blasphemy we still stick to the century old rules of proving or disproving the innocence and guilt of man. The mullahs on one side and the hardliners on the other side have happily shifted to mobile phones Facebook email and other new advancements but they don't want to opt the newer and scientific methods of forensics law and logic. This is the reason why blasphemy still remains one of the most heated and debated topics in a polar country like Pakistan. For a moment let's assume that what the student is saying is true and the teacher really committed blasphemy then the question arises who has given the right to the students to murder? And if the student is not right, how can it still be proven that the principal did nothing wrong and the motive in this case is something else. It is very easy for one person to blame someone else of something as serious as blasphemy. In the recent years we have seen this word being manipulated and used by people for personal and political reasons. Out of many evils that prevailed one that has hurt a lot of people is the use and misuse of the topic of blasphemy. Shockingly on the very same day we have seen a CCTV video from Hyderabad going viral in which a student is beating a teacher. Hence in our case under discussion the possibility cannot be ruled out that the teacher was murdered because of personal reasons. In recent times we saw the capital city being taken Hostage by a group of religious fanatics the leader of whom keeps preaching violence. If we are so efficient to introduce a law of blasphemy to uphold the superiority of God why can we not introduce a law to check on those who preach it and incite violence. It is just an observation that comes after reading a news and has nothing as a grudge against anyone person group religion or ideology. One should have a clear head and clear heart at least one one thinks he is in a progressive democracy. Sadly this isn't a democracy and nobody has a clear heart or a clear head.

January 23, 2018 / 05:18 AM / Karachi


Where do our dreams go? This question has always fascinated my mind. I've always felt after we wake up, dreams still live on. This is part positive and part scary. A few moments ago my sleep broke because of a nightmare. I woke up all sweaty and rushed to the door which was the only source of light. I stepped outside in the hall and went to the kitchen to get myself a glass of water. I drank the water sitting on a chair in the living room and to cool my head from all the scary thoughts I turned on the TV and stayed there until I was feeling normal again. Then I went to the room and slept. Before sleeping I turned on the voice recorder and recorded what I saw. This tiny little gadget has helped me record many of my dreams which otherwise I would have forgotten. There have been good dreams and bad dreams scary dreams and sleazy dreams. But the question that bothers me is what happens to the dreams after we wake up. Where do the good and the bad characters go after we wake up in the world we think is not a dream. Waking up from a nightmare moments ago I would still stay concerned about the  scary old lady I just saw. Or was it really scary old lady or just someone else wearing that mask. How can we be so sure about the world we live in to be very real and not just a dream. What happens to me when I am a character in someone else's dream? Now that is a question I should be worried about.

January 22nd, 2018 / 5:00 / Karachi


January 21st, 2018 / 07:20 AM / Karachi
An aunty is no more. That is how bad a Sunday can be. Women carved so many beliefs in and about life. The good ones too and the bad ones as well. She was one of the positive influence. May her soul find peace. Amen.

Screenshot 2018-01-22 07.13.38.jpg


January 20th, 2018 / 08:35 AM / Karachi
I was sitting in the waiting area of the hospital. There were many people there. Evening had set in. Suddenly we heard a scream. All of the people started looking at the direction it came from. Three women were sitting next to two women sitting on a bench and were crying. People who were looking at them a few seconds ago resumed what they were doing. After a few minutes I stood up and headed outside. The path passed through a ward where I saw some people cutting a cake and celebrating. I stood there for a few seconds. It summed up a version of life I believe in. The same worst day or perhaps the last day of someone can very well be the first or the best day of life for someone else. The universe keeps balancing itself keeping the element of happiness and sorrow in a relation of equilibrium. Remember that every time you get happiness, someone somewhere gets deprived of the same amount of happiness.



January 18th, 2018 / 07:26 AM / Karachi
کچھ دن پہلے گھر آتے ہوئے راستے میں میں نے ایک دیوار دیکھی جس کی ہر اینٹ الگ الگ سائز کی تھی لیکن پھر بھی دیوار قائم تھی مجھے یہ ڈر لگا کہ کہیں گر نہ جائے اگلے دن پھر وہیں سے گزرا دیوار اپنی جگہ پر قائم تھی اسے دیکھ کر اپنے معاشرے کے لوگ یاد آگئے سب ایک جیسے نہیں پھر بھی معاشرہ قائم ہے اور اتنی مضبوطی سے قائم ہے کہ اس کے بنائے ہوئے اصولوں کے لیے لوگ خدا کو بھی چھوٹا سمجھتے ہیں یہ دیوار اتنی . جلدی نہیں گرے گی لیکن اس کی اینٹیں گرنے لگی ہیں

Evil Veil

January 17th, 2018 / 09:06 AM / Karachi
The veil and evil have the same alphabets. The evil wears a veil and I have seen veiled evils. Veil hides the evil done and so many wear a veil only to be evil. The only difference between the veil and evil is the gender. The veil has a masculine abstract to it while evil comes in both genders. I happen to come across the female side of it enough to feel at times it has only one gender, which will be a bias and evil of me.

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January 16th, 2018 / 07:02 AM / Karachi

وقت کے ساتھ ہمارے اختلافات بڑھتے گئے. پھر ایک وقت وہ بھی آیا جب صرف خاموشی ہی خاموشی رہ گئی بیچ میں لیکن کچھ جذبات ہوں اپنی مرضی سے شروع نہیں کرسکتے ایسا ہی ایک جذبہ محبت کا ہے بات برقرار نہ رہی تو کیا ہوا محبت تو برقرار ہے مگر افسوس یہ کہ یہ سے اپنی مرضی سے محبت شروع نہیں کرسکتے ایسی ہی اپنی مرضی سے محبت ختم بھی تو نہیں کر سکتے اس خاموشی کے باوجود بھی بہت ساری باتیں ہیں جو کہنی ہیں شاید اس کے لیے محبت دوبارہ کرنے پڑے گی