(AABDBSDC-Repair)-And a new war is here

A new war is upon me. She is angry. After remaining silent for like 12 hours, I called her. And the war broke out. I never thought that it will begin so quickly. To the end of the day all my 24 texts remained unanswered. To this I even asked that didn't she even get enough time to type a text. But she turned down as she does. This was very provocative. I said a mere "thanks" which I accept that was a taunt but she replied with a better taunt. It was her claim of "forgiveness" on my good record of being a very good flirt. I went to the sea-view as well. A text from even there was not responded. I still do love her. Yes I do. Sadly, I feel I couldn't enroll myself in her favorites of life.