(AABDBSDC-Repair)-Time Paradox ???

May 3, 2009 at 8:33 PM
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This ghazal was sung by Ustaad Ghulam Ali Khan Sahab years before my birth. And decades earlier it was written by a famous poet Maulana Hasrat Mohani. At the time of its writing, even my dad wasnt born. Coincidently and even SHOCKINGLY, it conveys my life's segment of falling in love in its less than twenty lines. Most of the music and lyrics that come out on street, get sold and catch the attention of thousands do it just because they at points carry the same emotions in them as the poet had while writing that piece of art. Similar is the case with this famous Ghazal. Millions have heard it and people have their sentiments attached to it because of their life-experiences being expressed in this poetry one way or the other.

But for me, this ghazal is remarkably special. It is the most realistic form of my expression that i can possibly find. Although i cant say poetry myself but if i had said, it would be very similar to this ghazal. At least the theme would be at the most 'same' as this. I once heard this Ghazal in the car of my dad when i used to go out in the evening with him at the jogging track. He used to jogg while i used to play at the 'Jhoolay'.I was in school those days. Those days I didnt know what this man is singing. But with the passing days, i got entwined in this poetry in such a fashion that perhaps my old age will have this ghazal on the front page of my life's chapter of 'Old-Life'.

As I found this ghazal in my dad's car, it means(possibility and not surity) that dad must have had a love life about which i am unaware of and he remembers it. So what i discovered years later, was what dad had lived decades ago! Perhaps just Perhaps! In reality i have seen only mom with him but being a man, he could have lost his heart in his youth. And if that is, only he or God knows the best.

TIME PARADOX means a person goes back in time using technology and kills his garandfather(suppose) so how would he be born?? And how'd he reached youth and went back in time and killed his granfather? Such illogic error is better known as Time Paradox. This very ghazal brings this thought of Time Paradox into my mind. I went into time, the poet decades ago met me or saw me, he wrote my emotions and i came back in modern time unaware of past birth and heard the ghazal so late that it was even sung!!!!!!!!! Shocking. How come my exact emotions be expressed nearly a century ago! How How How. . .

As readers will know that i am in love or i loved someone(obviously a woman), is gone. The thing is true. I am a man. I have a heart. Its very natural to like someone so much that u call that as love. But the person (at least for whom the original poet wrote the poem), was really a girl. She used to BITE HER FINGERS as the poet said. She wore BANGLES, she had the UNSHAKABLE MAGIC that never evolved in any liking or love in later life, she had the most ENCHANTING EYES, she was so IMPOSSIBLE at times, her LIPS TREMBLED at moments and she CAUSED TEARS TO MY EYES still as the poet wrote!!!!

Hum ko ab tak Aashique ka woh zamana yaad hai

AND i still remember her NANGAY PAON...