(AABDBSDC-Repair)-O Jaana

May 22, 2009 at 2:05 AM

There are so many songs in my iPod. So many that there are even those titles which I have heard only once and even those which I just downloaded but never listened. I post the tracks which I like so much or they have been transformed in one way or the other into some memory. I heard about the movie in which this song appears when I was spending the last counted days in Lahore. I came to know that Emraan Hashmi's forthcoming film(at that time as now film is released) features superb music and lyrics. This song wasn't promoted in the film trailers and premiers as much as the other songs of the movie. There are websites like India FM( www.indiafm.com ) and ZoomTV ( www.zoomtv.in ) which are quite a source of upcoming movies besides superb reviews, wallpapers, gossips, news and best info regarding movies. And due to such sources I knew at least a track named O JAANA would be a part of RAAZ2. When the movie's audio was released, I was simply impressed by this wonderful song. The video of the song in the movie doesn't do fair to the song. The music is simply superb.

Track: O Jaana

Movie: Raaz... The Mystery Continues

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Kangna Ranaut, Jackie Shroff

Music: Pritam

Release: Dec 2008

Publisher: SONY BMG India