(AABDBSDC-Repair)-A man whom no one would miss, but I would!

Aug 30, 2010 at 3:10 PM

First of all he is alive. When I wrote that "I would miss him" it meant something that is written below.

The man in the above photo is someone in the blood-line of my mom. He is her real mamu. Now he is old enough. But this photo which I stole from the family albums comes on this blog as a digital one. The real photo was placed back. As the truth happened, he belongs to a family of Sunni sub-cast in Muslims. He never learned much due to family reasons and lands his father owned. He is the junior son of his three brothers in total. The elder sons took a dispute over property and he was given a very minor piece of land, even that he sold. From the money he bought two buses that brought the earnings for this man. When he was young, a man in his neighborhood (village named Fateh Jang, near Islamabad) got married. He was a good man and good men are called up to skies earlier. The man died and left behind a widow who was even pregnant by then. That woman given birth to a baby daughter. Though it is not confirmed but as some old people told me upon my asking, that day this uncle of my mom had an accident on his bus and was brought to the same hospital in which she given birth. It is an incident of past and people never allowed women to go out. But somehow, he fell in love with that girl who was not Sunni. There followed many family disputes and eventually his parents got him married. After an year the father of this mamu(of mom) died and he divorced his wife. Now 30 years have passed. He lives alone in a very poor condition house. Old age is so hard. And having no kids to support, he is living a life of misery. His buses are sold long ago. His life is spent on loans. He never told me about that girl. Even I never had the courage to ask him. But whatever he is living now is just because he loved a girl who was widowed, and belonged to a different cast. Even now some old women curse him saying that he is living life of misery because he never listened to parents. And he left his wife. No matter what shit other people talk about him, I know, I understand that he had a heart of present day boys which people didnt like at that time. Even without a son, and having a heart attack once, he is living last days of cruel old age. Even once he has been brought to home when he fell at a barber shop because of heat stroke. No one will remember his name. No one will miss him. No one. But I will. I will remember. I will miss you. You have proven as a nameless example that love still is the greatest!