(AABDBSDC-Repair)-Lahore Lahore Lahore

May 18, 2009 at 11:54 PM
People say this to girls. . . Now i say for Lahore- a city which i cherish still. So many memories. To be saying honestly, the cover of a boy was removed and a man came out. Pains did that. And Lahore gave me things that can't be bought with money. In such irreplaceable things, i place pains at 1st Place!
"Is shehar k baadal teri zulfon ke tarah hain
Yeh aag lagatay hain...bujhanay nahin aatay!"
I miss Lahore. And i miss it so much. I'm in love with its koochay, galiyaan, streets, roads, trees. The thing which hurt me the most are some people of Lahore.