(AABDBSDC-Repair)-The Journey of Reincarnation Begun

Dec 24, 2009 at 1:42 PM
I don't remember when I slept last night. It rained in Lahore the whole night. I was on the Queen's road from seven o'clock onwards. Dad was with me. I was having mixed feelings. A new ray of light along with a sorrow of a loss, that came from losing something that i love so strongly. I don't know how I managed to come home in a state of grief, but I came home. And didn't have dinner. That night was going to be heavy. I knew it. And it was really heavy. After hours of looking at the ceiling, I slept.
It was mama's breakfast call that woke me up. Dad was gone outside to get some stuff. Mani was having shower. Mama asked me to be ready by noon. I had already arranged my important stuff. Mama got the breakfast arranged in my room. I was sitting at my table when she came in. I didn't know that mani had gone to get a taxi. I took just a bite. Dad was already prepared. In next fifteen minutes, I was sitting in a cab that was passing through those streets of Lahore that I loved and still I do. In next half an hour I was in the area where I was last night. Life had already taken a new turn. I, myself was about to be reincarnated!