(AABDBSDC-Repair)-An Incentive drives me . . . always! (24th April 2010, Reading Hall)

Apr 24, 2009 at 11:18 PM

An incentive drives me always. As religion has caused more bloodshed than any other thing, I'd start my writing from religion and incentive. As with any other religion, even mine "lures" the "pious" by just one word-INCENTIVES! Heaven with virgins, rivers of milk and honey, young, smart and attractive boys to serve with the voice of God heard all around and the light of God emitting mysteriously from the surrounding mountains. All are incentives. None of these things or incentives are ever seen by anyone; neither virgins or boys nor the rivers of milk and honey. And "pious" do believe on unseen things exactly like I believe on God. Allah, Rabb, Raam, Krishna or Yaweh, let there be more names but I believe that he exists and he is there. From before the beginning to beyond the end, God is always there. Even eternity would end but he would still remain as such. The Incentives mentioned in religion and by the religion itself are quite UNSEEN too. Such unseen yet mentioned incentives might not be strong enough to lure a worldly man like me who still believes in sense-oriented-touchable love and feel-able hatred although some things are meant to be believed as such without being seen or proven physically. That is why God himself mentioned that the life of world is surrounded by elements you'd fall for because your senses will override your belief!!!
Leaving me aside, there are people out there - naive, innocent, even not so educated or at least not educated enough to be able to tackle the entrapping words of modern clerics. And such modern clerics are training negative elements that not only claim innocent lives but also bring a disgrace to my peace-loving religion. Frankly saying, nowadays burqa-clad women are nicknamed as terrorists!!
I once heard a black, fat-butt, hatred powered cleric say to junior students who used to come to mosque to learn the pronunciations and punctuations of Quran that killing a white man (GORA) will send them(students) to heaven no matter the white man is a mere civilian of opposite religion or he is a trained assassin or agent working as tool of government and bound to kill the people of any religion or country defined as "enemy". After all, time defines enemies as history says clearly that today's enemy can be tomorrow's ally! Politics and time-they define our "enemies". That fat-butt, black cleric told the children that all those who would do Jehad would be transformed one day into angels and wings will sprout up on them and they will fly!!
Incentives exist in many forms. Religious, political, national, financial, even academical and individual or let me say "PERSONAL". If I am ever asked how strongly the incentives spread the driving force on all of us, I'd have a list of examples. At least there would be many those examples that drove me to the place where I stand today.
Experiences of life come from almost all the days and nights that I have spent upto now. Even childhood memories have their contribution in forging my life and its patterns. These experiences have primarily made me strong as well as they have produced a sort of "MORAL LESSON" or "QUOTE" that is the outcome of that particular experience. Days and nights of life keep on adding experience and thus what comes along is the aftermath in the form of cuts, bruises, sorrows, joys and even statements as "LESSONS" and "QUOTES". As a man of normal wishes and qualities, it's one of many wishes to be a father and a grandfather as well. And I'd love to tell the tales, events, experiences, quotes and lessons to my cute little grandson or granddaughter. That goes equally well for the incentives too and I'd tell them that how their grandfather transformed into a boring old man who has his stories of life to share and wish they learn from them and make no mistake. One such "LESSON" or "QUOTE" is about "INCENTIVES" too. And like all other tales and extracts of the tales, this one is for that "STILL-TO-COME-and-MUCH-AWAITED" grandson. So all those eyes that read these lines, I'd ask them to first read the lines, learn the lesson if you find it, and pray for the future grandfather (and grandfather's son too) who is writing this post and the grandson as he'd be a cherished trophy.
Being a normal or ordinary person, the quotes and lessons are ordinary too. Unlike the traditional quotes and lessons which one finds at the end of story usually in the form of a line or a boldly written statement, my quotes and lessons are hidden between the lines and one has to ask his or her heart about what one learnt after reading and could be from nothing to almost everything. Obviously I'd explain each word, even the hidden meanings in words to my grandson, but here on this page one has to digg and find himself. Hoping the reader finds it in the following lines about INCENTIVES.
"Incentives come in sizes. Shapes. Even ages! Slim, fair, young but not so curvaceous. That was one incentive i still remember. It was quite mouth-watering. Another incentive was a little short, a little chubby with very silky hair. One such incentive is very near to me at this moment. I'm sitting in the library of my college and writing this post on my rough notebook so that I rectify all spell errors and grammar mistakes and post it to my page later(and now you seeing it). Fair color, straight hair, deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep eyes, right proportion chin and lips with cheeks for which one man can wish to bite them off! No one knows about future. But who knows that the same incentive sitting quite near to me at this time turns into the most comforting shade for my children and even the very same grandson whom I'm going to mention Incentives!
Dated: 24.Apr.2009
Time: 09:15am
Venue: Reading Room, Library, College