(AABDBSDC-Repair)-The Holy Line

Apr 29, 2010 at 9:27 AM

I have a collection of poetry of the legendary poet Syed Ahmed Shah who is better known to the world as Ahmed Faraz. His writings are so simple yet sublime that I have always been fascinated by them. At some places, I feel Faraz wrote some lines just for me. I mean, for instance I want to say something to someone so special to me and it would take alot of time and lots of words to express my feeling which in other words can be elaborated in few seconds and by just a few words if I say some line or stanza by Ahmed Faraz. It makes me wonder how he knew that there would be a boy named Aamir who would fall in liking with ''someone''. And he would have to express his feelings. So Faraz sahab wrote some lines that helped me in saying my exact feelings.

There are hundreds, in fact thousands of lines and stanzas said by Faraz. I have listened them on the radio and in speeches. I have read them in books and in the newspaper columns. No line is such that it makes me feel like it's holy or heavenly. EXCEPT one! There is a line! Like words of the Bible and the Quran.

There is a person I know who is far far away from poetry. On the other side, I love the work of Faraz and Nasir Kazmi. At times I tried to express my feelings in the words of Faraz but that ''someone'' couldn't understand. I feel both the poetry and ''that'' person are opposite poles. But one day that person phoned me and

''Aamir! Main ne tumhain kuch sunana hai''

(Aamir! I have to say something)

And my ears heard a line from urdu poetry. Not only that. I was also told that it is a line said by my favourite poet, Faraz. I came to my room. As I have all the collection of Faraz, so I scanned all of it. It was not easy to find that line. It took me two days to digg it. But finally I found it! The line was there. It came from the last book of Faraz entitled ''Ishq - Junon - Paisha''

(Love - Obsession - Work)

I had read that stanza some months back when I got that book for the first time. I never thought that such a common place stanza would become the most beloved line for me amongst the entire work of all the urdu poets, even Faraz himself. Still, when I am writing this post, I'm still under the spell of the line and that ''one'' who said it and made it a kohinoor amongst all the gems of Faraz!