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Nov 6, 2009 at 6:40 PM

We are always learning something all the time. Passing on a road the tenth time will pour something into your learning section of the brain that going on that route the eleventh time would be far easier. This example included a very colorless theme of a road. Let's consider an event that would happen only once in life. The memories of it would be so much powerful that although it is not repeated, one would remember each thing that how it happened.
I had no intentions to praise about memories or add a nostalgic post over here but someone pushed me last night and gathering up my courage, I settled down to write something over here on the theme of memories. Even the title of this post comes from the very same person who is the main character of the events that I am about to mention in my post. I was in bed last night, reading a book when I got a text from her. And she disclosed me that once she went to Lahore. Her journey was quite magical. The following narration is hers. I wish the people know a charm of life that occur to her.
The following is her narration*

My most of the family especially from my dad's side lives in Lahore. They are having at least one function every year like so me marriage or some other ceremony that was attended by most of the family. That was the main reason why I had to go to Lahore. I still have so many nostalgic memories with Lahore. It is a city where my father has his memories. And I will include myself too in that list as I myself has so many incidents that occurred in Lahore. I still remember that trip in which I lost so many things in Lahore that even I remained so away from that city yet I am so much enchanted my its realms that still haven't opened on me.That's the reason that I am simply having so many wishes that I want to visit the place and see Lahore at least one more time. The spell still remains intact. Some days ago I was having discussion in class and from a name to another name, the name Lahore came upon. Due to the gain of trust, I told an event of life that happened to me when I went to Lahore some years back.

It was a winter night when I reached Lahore. The long trip had already broken my energies and I was not feeling the required stamina to attend the function for which we were invited. I looked out of my car's window. It was some out skirt of Lahore. The track KUCH IS TARAH was being played on the car's player. I closed my eyes. It was very cold to touch the glass window.I tugged down into the jacket that was covering me.It was warm, enough warm to make me wish that I should not get down of the car so soon. The long journey had made me so awkward by that time. I closed my eyes. Tried to drift back to sleep but I couldn't sleep. I kept dozing. The next time I looked outside, we were on the canal road. I could see the canal. It was all dried up. The lights along the side of the road and the trees on both side of canal were making an impression that this road stretches on forever. The music by this time has changed. It was some instrumental. I couldn't make it clear that which song that was. I pulled out my cell phone out of my pocket. There were eleven texts. Without opening the inbox, I put the phone back into pocket and sat straight up. We had crossed the Jail Road crossing on canal and were now heading towards the fowara number 1. I looked on my phone screen. The operator showed that we were in Gulberg at that time. In next some moments we crossed Liberty, 7UP Stop, Cantt Chowk1, DHA Phase iv entry. And reached the destination. The moment I opened the door, a chill breeze froze me. I wrapped my arms around myself. I could hardly stand. That wind reminds me still of something that I lost in Lahore. Aamir .... ek din main woh bhe bata doon ge what I lost there. Now whenever I hear a ghazal, i feel as if that poetry is written to express my feelings.Even the cold winds remind me of somethings, some people and Lahore

دل کی چوٹوں نے کبھی چین سے رہنے نہ دیا

جب چلی سرد ہوا...... میں نے تجھے یاد کیا

اس کا رونا نہیں کیوں تم نے کیا دل برباد

اس کا غم ہے کہ......... بہت دیر میں برباد کیا

You wud know Aamir. You would. Let some time pass. Let some time pass.