(AABDBSDC-Repair)-Daniyal's Story

Aug 11, 2010 at 9:05 PM


"Jaldi tayyar ho jao!"

This is what I heard Daniyal saying while getting dressed. He just got himself standing in front of the mirror combing his hair.

"Pata nahin girls itna time kyun lagati hain tayyar honay mein..."

"Aap ko bahot pata hai girls ka"

I said this looking into his eyes. The same glow. The same shine. The same smile. It's the second year of our married life. I'm happy on being with him.



It took me time get into what was proper for the occasion. It was a ceremony that we were invited to. Daniyal was already downstairs when i got ready. It takes time for a girl to get magical. And I knew i had magics and a proof of which was already on his face. In moments, we were already on our wheels.



It was a gathering to which we were invited. The journey to the destination was quite relaxed. It was March. Spring was all around. The night had it's specific aroma. Even with windows up, I could still feel the blossoming trees of a tree that lined the canal on both sides. I knew it's spring. Nights always seemed to be alluring when out with someone you cherish. But this night seemed to be a bit extra delight. Lahore seemed tuned on it's flavors.



My phone was constantly ringing. Though it was in my bag, and i had already told them that are on way, it seemed that we had already been late.

"Kar do bahana. Or perhaps add this comment too. . . Boys make us reach late in the party. Jab K sach kuch aur hai"

I listened this mock.

"Very funny!"

A smile was the only reply. I wonder from where so much traffic poured on to the roads. But luck hadn't run out yet.I had a sigh of relief when reached there.



"Hey! Your make-overs..."

Daniyal said.

"Kya hua?"

"Nothing. I am wondering how much more would fall a victim to this magic"

Saying this he stepped out of the car. Even I wonder when I turned into such a lamp of powers. Before stepping out, I looked out in the mirror myself. He isn't lying after all;-)



Side-by-side, we walked towards the entrance. Stepping inside, i noticed many familiar faces. Even those well acquintances. Daniyal, too was surrounded by some of his friends. I was still talking when Rema, an old class-mate and even my most reliable friend, pulled my hand and without saying anything took me to a corner

"Itne Jaldi anay ke bhe kya zaroorat the?"

"It aint my fault. The traffic was over-flowing"

"Bas ab bahanay mat karo"

"... ... ..."

"Khair, the Peer Sahab is here. He wasn't willing to come. But after such big push, he said a yes. But he's here not for very long"

"Kahan hain woh"i asked



"Peer Sahab...Woh jahan rush dekh rahe ho na... Bas woh wahan hain."

"How'd i meet him? Itna rush...Ab bhe nahin mil sake to na janay kab..."

"Tum fikar mat karo...Daniyal kahan hai?Tum dono aa jao. I'd fix a meet"

I rushed to the place where he was standing. I wonder how boys change into men. But remain boys. I know it would be hard to pull him away. So i texted him. I saw him pull out his phone. And without typing anything, he came over to where i was.

"Yeh txt kar k milna phir se? Puranay din yaad kar rahe ho kya?"

"Get serious Daniyal. I want u to meet someone"

"me? With whom? "



"With a Peer Sahab"

"Who? That's saddening. I thought some pretty girl."

I remained stern.

"Ok ok. No girls. Only boys!"

"I want to show your hands to him. He can read lines. I want to know what's hidden in your lines."

"What! . . . "

There was a pause.

"Since when are u believing such stuff? I never thought you believing it."

We were having a mild talk.I was trying to take him there before the Peer Sahab goes away. In the meanwhile Reema popped up.

"Salam...abhi formal discussion ka time nahin hai.Peer Sahab is ready to meet u.If u people miss this chance,then it'd take a month for another chance"



Without delaying anything any further, i took a hold of Daniyal's hand and lead him to the place where Peer Sahab was seated. There were a couple of women already there. But Reema made way for us. Except for the Peer Sahab, Daniyal was the only male entity there. As if still surrounded by girls!



I was curious just like a child about her result. I wanted to know more than Daniyal himself that what was encoded into his palms. The Peer Sahab looked into his palms, as if alot was confused. Even I was myself confused at that moment. But the confusion turned into my worst fear when the Peer Sahab said

"Beta. . . You have two lines of marriages."

At that moment i felt a punch of fate on my destiny.I can't even think of any other "other" in his life.



Reema kept looking at me in wonder. She remained my best ally up to now. But i felt if such a war ever comes into my life, it'd be only me who would be eating such bullets. I was still in the deepest ravines of my thoughts when Daniyal's laughter brought me back to senses

"What a great astrologer he is!"

"Haan main janti the tum yehi kaho ge." i said in a tone that didn't seem to be mine

"Aray main he nahin. Any boy would say like that. These people know the tricks to fool masses. To women they say lines that impress women. To men they say what the men like."



I remained silent. I never wish such a cherished belonging of my life goes away. And what can one do, even if you know that in advance. I just wanted to run away from all this crowd that suddenly seemed to be muted.

"Ab kya hua?"

"Kuch nahin" i was barely able to say this

"Hey! You believe him? . . . . Well. . . I do" he questioned and answered himself and he started laughing

The colors of the party faded. I didn't meet Reema or anyone. I came to the parking lot. I called him out. It took ten minutes for him to be outside. In those ten minutes, i felt standing in mid of an arid desert.



The journey on the way back was just silent. I had already powered my phone off. I knew at least Reema would still be having her sympathies onto my side. I felt as if suddenly the entire Lahore has submerged into darkness. Daniyal was talking to me but i was hearing instead of listening. He extended his arm and turned on the music to change the environ. But it seemed everything is already against me. "Dil tera v darda . . . Dil mera v darda" the lyrics were too pungent. I had my fears years ago of not losing him. Those fears were back to life again even after owning him.



We stopped at a signal. When i saw a man waving towards us from the car parked next to us. It didn't too long to know that he was an old skool of Daniyal. There was hardly any traffic on the road at this time of night. So the men didn't even bother taking their wheels to the side of road. Hugs were exchanged. He came over to meet his "bhabhi". After a formal hello, he went with daniyal to the side. I overheard him ask Daniyal. "Acha to yeh hai woh jadugarni jis ne Lahore Wala Qila gira liya?"

A huge laughter was exchanged. But who knew even this Jadugarni is under some bad spells at the moment.



That night while in bed, I was just restless. This sleepless night seemed to prolong more than I imagined. Daniyal was sound asleep. I got up from the bed. Crossing the entire margin of the bed, just to see his hand. I didn't want to stretch this incident any further. But I still wanted to look at his palm. The words of Peer Sahab echoed into my ears

"A broken Bay(urdu alphabet). Two lines. Two women."

For some moments, I just kept looking at the network of those complex lines which somewhere kept my fears concealed.



I woke up late the next morning. My head was spinning. I didn't know when I slept last night. Daniyal was already gone to the hospital. That evening was like all other. My doubts and fears were getting fade. Maybe it's all only up in my mind. I called Reema that night. Everything seemed to be normal again. But i never thought for very long. . . It was the next thursday evening when . . .



It was the next thursday when Daniyal came back home from the hospital. I was just arranging lunch when I heard his cell ring. After three rings he picked up. I couldn't understand to whom he was talking to. Moreover he seemed happy on the call. But then the communication was so dim that I couldn't make anything clear. After the call, he went in the washroom. I went to the room to call him for the lunch. I saw his phone on the bedside. When i tried to check the calls log, I was shocked to know that the phone was locked. Since when he is keeping his phone under a password.



He never kept his phone under any lock. But this little lock icon on his phone's screen made me recall that Peer Sahab's event. I knew one keeps his precious things under a lock. And just like every lock, this lock would have a key, buried in his heart at this time. I came to the table. He was out sooner than i expected. His phone was in his hand. He was typing something. By the time, he reached the table, he had written whatever he was writing. The lunch went in a mild chit chat. At the last bite, he said he had to go out to meet that friend who met us on the same night we met the Peer Sahab.



He changed over soon. And left to meet his old skool. That evening I was all alone at home when Reema called me and we decided to have some roaming around on weekend. I agreed. That evening, Daniyal came home very late. His face was in normality. But his eyes kept some secret. He didn't talk much about the meeting. I didn't disturb him much. The next day was friday which passed without much fuss. On saturday evening, Daniyal was at his hospital when me and Reema were having some shopping in Gulberg when I saw that friend of Daniyal. I couldn't resist. So, i went up to him to have a talk.



"Salam bhabi. Kaise hain aap?"

"I'm fine. What about you?"

"Same here. How's Daniyal? He isn't with you."

"A girl needs to be with her old friends too. Just like boys need to be with their old Skools. Meet my friend Reema."

"I agree" he smiled and added"But all boys aren't blessed with such a chance. Look at me and Daniyal. We met after years and on street."

"Why don't u pay us a visit? I'm a better cook than your friend."

"I'd surely visit."

"how was your meeting?"i asked about thursday.

"Only that night on road. Daniyal said he'd come to see me. But he didn't. My lazy friend."



I don't remember how i came home. Reema is just a bad driver. But she drove me home. And got a cab on her way home. I was dizzy already by the popping up of such a news. That evening Daniyal came home in time. He dropped his overalls on the bed and went for a shower. I searched it's pockets. Except for his i.d.card, i couldn't find anything. His wallet was on the bedside too. Anything that i found useful was an address of a restaurant. The way it was written was in a hurry. It wasn't Daniyal's writing for sure. Though both being doctors, he still has a good font than me.



I was still awake when he slept. I wanted to read his texts and call log. But i couldn't open his phone. I tried all possible passwords. But they didn't work. I didn't tell Reema about it. If i had been working like i worked before moving to Lahore, the work stress would keep the distracting thoughts away. It was Daniyal who was keeping me away from stress for some time. And now i was wondering how can he be loving and caring at one end, and hiding things from me on the other. These thoughts turned into headache and i don't know when i drifted off to sleep.



Daniyal got me a job in the same hospital as he was in. But he was still holding me on from joining it. I called Reema in the afternoon. I didn't tell her the details yet. But asked her to help me in spying on Daniyal. I wanted to know where does he remain busy. Reema is not a food lover still she helped me alot in finding that restaurant. We took a picture of Daniyal with us. But it wasn't of any help. None of the staff could recognise him.



We came back disappointed. Some days went normal. Without any "un-natural" happening. One night I woke up. Daniyal wasn't on the bed. The light of washroom was on. I could hear him talking! On the phone. With every passing day, it seemed so upsetting. I was unhappy on whatever was happening. He came out after half an hour. I acted to sleep. He placed his phone under the pillow and slept. Until dawn, i was awake.



The next morning was dull. It was cloudy in Lahore as if the entire atmosphere seemed gloomy. My cell was in my bag. It was already down on charge, so likely it'd be off by now. I was arranging some hand made decor pieces in the living room when Reema called me. All she could suggest was to keep an eye on Daniyal. That evening he came back exactly at the time of dinner. Surprisingly he didn't eat. And took me for a ride and a dinner out. It was good. I was happy that everything is back to wanted colors. I never wish there be any other Jadugarni in his life besides one already.



It was around two at night when Daniyal's phone rang.

"Kon hai?"

"From the hospital"

"I thought some 'cute' girlfriend of yours"

"sudhar jao tum! I'm just a harmless, innocent, loving, caring boy"

"i know i know" i said

"aur waise bhe mujhse ziyada girlfriends tumhari the...that always made a shell around you."

"Very funny!"

"seriously....tum ek do mujhe de deti na to acha ho jata"

He went to the washroom, changed his clothes and left for hospital.



The hospital was half an hours drive from home. It won't take long at this hour of night. I was expecting him to call home as soon as he gets there. But a good dinner and a good time last evening was so relaxing that it made me shift to dream-world soon. The next morning, i woke up when it was nine. Sunlight had already flooded my room. I checked my phone. No calls or texts. My bad thoughts had come to life once again.



I got fresh. But didn't have breakfast. I wasn't in the stamina to get myself anything to eat. It was bright outside. Such a windy weather. I wonder what these winds were bringing in my life. I got myself a cab to get to the hospital. Reaching there on my own, i was constantly calling Daniyal on the way. But his phone was powered off. Going to the hospital wasn't such a good idea. It added more shock-waves to my already troubled mind when i heard that there wasn't any emergency call for him the last night.



With such a shock and heavy heart, I was down already. I could feel headache rising from my left eye rising back to the temple. I felt suddenly left all alone. I didn't have any courage to make any discovery. I don't want to spy him. I just wanted to go home. My heart was sinking and even faster. When i reached home, he was already back. His car was parked. I came inside. There wasn't anyone in the living room. I could hear water splashes from the washroom. He was having a shower. The phone was on the bedside. Suddenly there was a call on it. I attended it. But the caller hung up.

"Kis ka phone tha?"



Daniyal was standing at my back. Drying off his hair. Calm. Serene. Searching for something in the drawer. As if nothing big is happening in life. I still can't believe this all was happening to me.

"Don't know...the call dropped"

"Maybe someone under your spell already...hypnotized. That's why he couldn't say anything"

"G nahin. Maybe some 'cute' girlfriend of yours"

"kash!" and he smiled and added ''Aao khana khayen...''



I was in kitchen already.The entire day was quite normal.Daniyal was still behaving so normal.As if nothing has happened. I wish i could ask him where was he the entire last night.I was in the living room when Daniyal was fixing something in the car.His phone rang again.It was the same number.I could recognise it.But i didn't pick up.I saw him coming inside to get something when he heard the bell ring.Without losing any moment,i hid in the cupboard.



"Hello... Aap ko kitne baar meri yaad aati hai"

I couldn't hear on the other side.

"Aaj raat? Acha main pahonch jaon ga"

It means again.

"Haan us k sonay ka intezaar to karna paray ga na. Roz roz to emergency nahin hoti na. She's more genius than me. Her GPA's were better than me. Khair. . . . Main pahonch jaon ga."

Daniyal left the room. I came out. Tonight was going to be a big night for me. I didn't want anyone to win.



I came out. The phone was not on the table any more. I had a shower. Dressed into casual wears and came downstairs. He was still having his head inside his car. Boys think they can fix anything. And sometimes they can't. I came out.

"Kahin ja rahe ho?"

"haan...just shopping"

"Shopping ya?"

"i'm not like you."

The answer was just a little laughter.

"Jao jao...dehan se jaana. Zamana kharab hai."

''janti hoon main''



I came out. At this time i can only ask Reema to help me out. It was still late afternoon when i left for Reema's home. But she asked me to meet at a cafe in Johar Town. I was there in quarter of an hour. She was just coming from her clinic. Telling her everything, even she was shocked. I shown her the number that called. We dialled it. But it was powered off. It was decided to follow Daniyal at night. At eight, she dropped me back home.



When I came home, Daniyal wasn't in. I came in to find a note on the bed table.

"I tried your number but it was off it scared me. I told you as the poet said YUN NIKLO NA benaqaab ....Zamana kharab hai. Anyways...i have to meet a friend. Would come home late. If the boys wanted, the party might end late. Tum so jana. "

Daniyal had spoiled my plans. Where'd he be this time was difficult to find. I called Reema. She was on way to her home to get some rest. But she drove straight back to me. It was impossible to track him now. We decided to go to possible party locations where he had parties.



We were on our way. The first place wasn't far from our residence. But it wasn't fruitful. Reema was constantly dialling his number but it wasn't being answered. I was on the wheelman's seat. Even going for five such party places in Lahore means scanning from one part of the city to the other. I just parked outside the second place when i asked Reema to dial that number which Daniyal talked to. She dialled. Luckily. . . the call was picked up.



"hello" Reema said

"Kis ka number hai? Mujhe do main baat karti hoon"


"kya wait..."

"tum do minutes k liye chup kar k drive karo"

There wasn't any talk. Reema just kept listening. I was shocked why Reema isn't saying anything. I parked the car on side.

"tum kuch bolo ge ya nahin"

reema disconnected the call.

"ab batao kon tha"


"What did he say"i asked


"Kya! Nothing. You were listening nothing"

"yeah. The call was picked up accidently. I heard him talking to a woman. They were mentioning something about airport."

I knew what our next destination was. I shifted the gears.



I saw a plane take off as soon as i turned my wheels on the main drive-way of Allama Iqbal Airport. To add more difficulty, nature had set more flights that day. I was feeling as if it would be hard for me to find what i was looking for. I dropped Reema on the drop-lane and went to park the car.



Reema called me when i was having my car into the proper spacing.

"kya hua?"

"jaldi oper aao"


"i can't tell.just come to departures at the second level"

"magar hua kya?"

"jo tumhain dekhna hai woh yaheen hai"

And she hung up. I was having a sudden lurch in my stomach. What i wanted to see? A second line? Living and breathing? I stepped out of the car and headed to the terminal building. The elevators were surrounded. So i opted the stairs.



Reema spotted me as soon as i climbed the stairs. It was alot of rush. Reema took me to one side of the building where there were Rent-a-car and food outlets.

"Bhook lag gaye hai tumhain?"

"Allah! . . . Woh dekho"


She pointed to a cafe. I could see people inside. Daniyal was sitting with someone. A woman. I couldn't see her face. She was wearing a chaadar or head-scarf. My throat dried up at that moment.



They were chatting. The smiles on his face were constantly burning me up from inside. I was feeling pain to rise its threshold on my left eye. Reema placed her hand on my shoulder.

"i'm going in"


"mujhe baat karni hai"

"no reema! You won't go in"

"who will stop me? You. . . You are idiot! Seeing with your own eyes. These men are still unfair. . . Raasta do mujhe. . . Mujhe baat karni hai."



Reema took a hold of my hand. And took me inside. Daniyal was hardly some meters away from me. I remembered all those words said to me. Loyality, trust, and faith all were crumbling down. My breaths were in a troubled rhythm. I was able to see the other line as if it emerged out of his hands and turned into a soul-ful human and sat there. Why did i come here? I could see my loss. I wanted to get my hand lose and run away. Daniyal looked around. His eyes fell upon us. An eye-contact was made. The last brick of my fort fell down.



A smile spread on his face. Such a non-humanish, in-humane person he seemed to me at that time. He was with another woman. Caught in the middle of his rendezvous and still smiling. If it was not my love, i would have hit him.(with a gamla of course)

"Main kabhie soch bhe nahin sakti the" Reema burst open.

"welcome"he said adding"kya nahin soch sakti the tum"

"sharam karo Daniyal"

"ok. Kar leta hoon. But why? Am i looking so pretty"

"How could you betray love?"

"what! Who betrayed"

"you! Who else."i said

"are u crazy? Who told you?"

"Does still someone has to tell?"



"Obviously...bina bataye kya ilhaam ho ga mujhe"

"Your phones are locked. You remain absent from hospital. You never met your old skool."


"and who is this girl with you"

"What did i tell you? Kaha tha na Jadugarni bahot taiz hai. She'd know. No matter how hard we try."Daniyal said this looking at the girl. I still haven't seen her. I just didn't want to. But now Daniyal brought her to the conversation. I spun my head to see her. My eyes fell on her face. What i saw trembled me!



I was shocked to see the woman. She was an elderly lady. In the beginning of her old age. She wasn't eating anything at all. It was her weakness that we assumed as and mistook for a slim profile of a young girl.

"Kya kaha tha main ne aunty? Hai na jadugarni taiz?" Daniyal asked that woman

"Haan... ab to mujhe bhe yehi lag raha " She said in a calm and low tone.

I was in a shock. Who was that woman. I couldn't make that clear.

Daniyal was calling me constantly. I was confused. He got up from the chair and looking at Reema he said

"Tum khana kho lo. Bhook lag gaye ho ge tumhain! "

"Mujhe koi bhook nahin lagti"

"Haan haan...size se pata chal raha hai!"

Daniyal moved towards me and took a hold of me by my hand and pulled me towards him.



I could feel the warmth of his hands. I could feel his love emerging from the same palms into which I was looking for the second line. I was feeling secure. I wish I had said sorry. But before I could say anything Daniyal started saying himself

''Is se pehle k koi aur kuch bhe kahay main khud he bata deta hoon. My behavior was quite unnormal.Some weeks ago when we went to a party where a Peer Sahab mentioned about the two lines of love in my palms.This was true.The woman seated on the front is related to the 'other line' in my life. I again felt as if now I was going to hear the biggest slap of my life on my face. But Daniyal again won.



"Jadugarni se pehle, when I was a child, my mom selected a girl for me in the beginning. But when we were in junior school, a traffic tragedy took that girl to the heavens. This aunty is a class mate of my mom. And the mother of that OTHER line."

I could feel Daniyal's grip on my hands getting more tighter.

"So in a sense, Jadugarni he mere liye 1st Line bhe hai aur second bhe. Shukar hai Reema jaise heavy aur moti nahin hai...warna main hath bhe nahin upar kar sakta"

"Haan haan... keh lo keh lo"

I was bliss again.



Aunty left earlier. We remained at the airport quite late. Reema left in a while. While on way back I was sitting next to him on the front seat.

"Kya dekh rahe ho?"

"Tum mujhe bata nahin saktay thay...why such a suspense"

"I didnt want to upset you"

"Main upset nahin hoti"

"haan haan main janta hoon...tum careless ho... upset ho jati ho...you saw veer zaara and got upset"

"Daniyal! Aise nahin hoon main"

"To phir kaise ho?"

"Pata nahin tumhain?"

"Mujhe nahin pata ho ga to aur kise"

He looked at me in such a romantic way



He looked at me in such a romantic way

"Wah G! Blushing...acha hai. Such ''adain" keeps a husband happy and under control"

"Very funny!"

"Seriously... In adaon ka kon deewana nahin ho"


"Menu ke pata"

There was a silence

"Waise.... you were missed in all this adventure"

"To phir mujhe pehle bata dena tha na"

"Wajah the...ise liye nahin bataya"

""Kya wajah the"

"Soch lo....abhi bata doon ga to suspense nahin rahay ga"



I insisted "Bata do"

"Open the dashboard"


"Tum kholo to sahi"

I opened that

"Pick this envelope" Daniyal said

"Kya hai is envelope mein?"

"Girls ke tasweerain"

"Haan haan...tum ne kheenche hon ge... kise mein munh khula, ankhain band"

"Nahin g nahin... main sab ke tasweerain nahin kheenchta"

I opened the envelope

"Tumhain hospital na bhejna....yeh sab na batana...raat ko good disturb kiye bina so jana....disturb to samjhti ho na tum"

I couldnt say anything. My eyes were still fixed on that paper

"Main ne kuch kaha hai"Daniyal said

"Haan haan samjhti hoon tumhain... achi tarah"

"Nahin nahin main samjha sakta hoon... "



The paper was a report. The only report that every woman dreams to be positive. The car was still on it's way to home. I wish i could roam all night with the person next to me. I love him. What he did was just a big act of care concealed in worldly confusions. Prayers and thanks were rising in my heart.

"Tum na... sab se achi ho. Aisa jadoo jo koi aur kabhie replace nahin kar sakta... koi bhe nahin. The only line I am happy with..." His words kept echoing into my ears.

***The End***