(AABDBSDC-Repair)-A burnt page

May 22, 2010 at 7:54 PM

Time ago I received some words that penetrated the feelings. In the reaction I wrote something which came out as very genuine and honest. And I made an offer which sanity would not let go as "refused" but that offer was refused. I arranged a meeting at a place in Lahore, near the canal. It was well planned. The sun kept moving towards the west until it was dark. Evening popped up and then night. The one who was much awaited never came up. I had a piece of paper with me. It had nothing written on it, at least the world couldn't read. But I could. I came back home. This image was taken at the moment when the paper was put to fire. The words never burnt as there were no words written on it. But the feeling burnt down. Some pains never fade, some unsaid words were never ever said, some meetings never happened...

As my most favorite poet Ahmed Faraz said

ایسا ہے کہ سب خواب مسلسل نہیں ہوتے

جو آج تو ہوتے ہیں مگر کل نہیں ہوتے

کچھ مشکلیں ایسی ہیں کہ آساں نہیں ہوتیں

کچھ ایسے معمے ہیں کبھی حل نہیں ہوتے