(AABDBSDC-Repair)-توبہ تمہارے یہ اشارے

Aug 5, 2010 at 11:50 PM
Humans have some elements that make them supreme over other animals. The list is long but includes emotions, religion, talents, creativity etc. One such thing that sets them apart is language. All humans are scientifically one single specie named Homo Sapiens. Yet all speak different. All come off different cultures. Yet the prime thing that makes them set apart is ability to communicate. And this ability is primarily done through language. Even a language has lots of variants in a dialect, still people understand each other's feelings, emotions, thinking and creativites. Its the language that unites them. At extremities, it is the cause of unrest and violence as well. Many have been killed because of this violence. Money, women, property etc all have remained cause of discord between enemies. At times, some dirty minds like politicians have used language to cause riots. Language was used in past to create a rift between fellow humans. Sadly that rift still continues. Whether it is poetry, music, dance or a simple dialogue, language is a basic communication. Humans communicate with each other in a way no other being can do. Sometimes we start liking a human. And that liking grows into love. This reaction is irreverseable. But when it does happen, we start to communicate even when the other one is silent to the world or far away. For example we start seeing the loved ones even when they are miles away from us or even hear them even after a late night call is disconnected. Its all a communication but a special case.
A similar person with whom my communication started with "Salam" and then it evolved. I never knew which steps I was following. Then slowly a time reached when even in a state of staying silent we could hear each other. When we looked each other, I listen the dialogues. Same happened on the other side. Then it happened that speaking wasn't so favorable in public. Then a new method of communication was adopted. It were the "Isharay". Mine were just to keep the emotions getting exchanged. But those signals that used to flow from other side were just killer. Killer enough to make anyone hypnotize. They keep reminding me of the famous track which turned out as the title of this post. The "isharay" and the "banda" are equally magical that I must say "Hi Rabba!"