(AABDBSDC-Repair)-دل ہے کہ ہے کافر

Feb 2, 2010 at 5:02 AM
My heart is so strange at times. Full of emotions. From very strong ones to very mild. Sometimes it's full of old memories and sometimes its so irrational that it even wishes to create new ones! I feel it's like a soldier which wants to participate in new wars then eat more bullets and in future it will cry for all these wars. But these wars are so different and magnetic. The enemies are so gorgeous and pretty that my heart is a so eager to participate in these new wars. It's like a battle like no other. Its a unique front. In this war, the bullets never come and hit you. Instead the soldier runs towards them himself and hit the bullets!
"Kafir dil" is what i say for it. It follows a God. Even after suffering some big disappointments from the God. It still worships the same God. But its "Kafir-pana" is sometimes awakened. It rises at midnight and goes to a temple instead of going to a mosque or church. There it worship some idols. The "Devi" idols! Some devi are kind. They listen some stuff. Some are not so kind. They keep saying only no. But my heart is not so bad. It still worships them. And its extraordinarily kind. Every time it never goes to the same Devi. It changes its temples and goes to different Devi. My heart is generous. Still even i feel that Dil Hai K Hai Kafir.... :-)