Jun 14, 2010 at 1:19 AM
At this time of night, I am in my bed. I was waiting for the college to open. And weekend to be over soon. But at this time, I am so unhappy. Dont wanna go to college tomorrow. Wanna stay alone. Wish to go to my village. Listen the silence. I check grammar mistakes of all the writings that I post. But I am writing this without checking any errors. I dont know why I am writing this. As if perhaps it's not my will. Or maybe it is. Who knows. Was eagerly anticipating something. Even that didn't happen.
Lagta hai bad-duain aaj kal duaon se ziyada ho gayen hain. Restless is tightening in my heart. I am not such a good follower of faiths and religion. But at this time, I am calling God whom I even attach this in prayer:
''Khamosh nahin rehna. Help me.''