(AABDBSDC-Repair)-At this time of night!

Jan 24, 2010 at 1:39 AM

My mind is surrounded by thoughts.
There were doors that never opened.
That was a thing that hurt.
There was a time when I waited.
But I heard no sound.
Of keys.
Of locks getting unlocked.
Of steps.
Still the hope lived on.
But I kept sitting.
But humiliation was still written.
Much humiliation.
And I was pushed to move away from the door.
So many doors opened. And I feel as if I am still watching a dream. But the doors have opened. New doors. And I can walk in. But my courage has fallen. I am sitting on the pavement... watching those who have opened these doors. Where were they when I needed them.
Even at this time of night... I see a door. The door that never opened!

24th Jan 2010
My room,