(AABDBSDC-Repair)-Answer to the pals, buddies and yaars!

Aug 4, 2010 at 11:41 AM

Music has a profound effect on humans. It penetrates the human mind as well as the human emotions. It's like pages we write with years to recall the past. Whenever we listen a track and suddenly we remember the time or incident related to that music. Music is universal. It doesn't know bounds of cultures or religion. Anyone can dance to a tune. Music is a driving power.
As a part of its nostalgic abilities, music had been in my life since the beginning. Out of so many tracks and lyrics that kept pouring in through singers, artists, vocals, composers etc, two such tracks out of a huge collection had a profound effect on thinkings, actions, tastes and even reactions. One is the smash hit track "Laal Ghagra". Being a boy, it always remained a theme and a color of all those feelings of what "normal" boys normally have. There is a search every boy has and the same search remained at my side. This song got transformed into the search. The song earned a huge acclaim. It was the only track for which I attended a concert in Lahore during the days of exams! And it was just for this track. This one track. Friends and brothers read what I write. And they had a question for so long.

"Aamir why don't you have this track on your blog? It's so unbelievable that Laal Ghagra isn't on the blog."

Now after about two years I finally placed the track on the blog. Laal Ghagra is now up here. But the friends never let peace be there. They always keep firing the questions that seem like a never ending list. This is a sign of true friends. They keep asking and asking. A new question was asked as soon as placed the track on my pages.

"Why posted now Aamir?"

An answer to why always has a "because" in it. And an answer to this has one because too. That because is mentioned too. If someone can't see it would be shown at the right moments...only at the right moments.

The other track that had its penetration was "Kaala Chashma". Whenever there was a query about Laal Ghagra not being on the blog, the same one was thrown for "Kaala Chashma". Why isn't it up here. Well...

گھگرا تو نیچے پہنا جاتاہے نا اس لیے گانا لگا دیا. چشمے کے لیے تو چہرہ بھی دکھانا پڑے گا اور چہرے کو سامنے آنے میں ابھی وقت لگے گا