I never had any fascination for urdu. Poetry is an exception to this statement. But urdu never fascinated me as a medium to learn or absorb feelings from books, especially novels. I read some UMRU AYYAR books when i was a child. Being a part of Pakistani education system, when I remained in Pakistan, urdu remained with me. But I hardly made any good score in urdu academically. My urdu teacher even used to say that Aamir is a boy who scores 99in chemistry, physics and biology but 50in urdu. It's just because of one reason and that is his heart never beats in urdu! And he was quite right. I used to have nightmares in urdu but those dreams which had fantasies and wishes were all in english or that type of urdu which I spoke in daily life and was worlds apart from the literary urdu. Even a dream to have sex with a pretty girl would never be in literary urdu. Moans and groans would be in a non-urdu expression! Urdu never remained in my elements!!!

My lesson out of my life up to now is that I earned out of life what i never expected. In other words life is simply a bag of expected or surprises. Leaving Pakistan, leaving old friends, living solo away from family are all things which I never expected even in dreams. But they occured. Such a similar thing that happened to me is related to urdu. I never cheated in any exams or any subject. Except urdu and Islamic Studies. They still are Aamir's weakest subjects(and women too! My chemistry with ladies isn't so strong ;-) )

As the life unfolded its mysteries, urdu kept getting camped into my veins. But that is the urdu even rickshaw people can speak. No grammar. No errors. Just BHAI LOG style to NORMAL MAN'S urdu. As I just wrote my view on life that life gives lots of bags to open the unexpected, one such bag was named urdu. Aamir who never even dreamt of reading an urdu paper, now reads online newspaper in urdu everyday. And even sometimes a novel. My speed to kill the suspense of a story is still very slow in urdu in contrast to english. I'm no english man. It's just the usage. The academics. The school. The life pattern. Otherwise I'm still a Pakistani boy with much of a connection to a village. The urdu bag that life gave me to open didn't come from sky on its own. A person brought that to me. Naming the good deed destroys the magic and glamour of the deed itself. A person whom I cherish still and without any conditions poured the literary urdu's first dose into me.

As the story goes, I asked a favour from my friend. In return, I was asked a favour with a promise of surity. I not only agreed but promised. And my friend asked the following favour.

"Aamir go to any bookshop and get this novel..."

I did as I was asked to do. It wasn't hard to find it. I got it. It took me one week to read the first chapter. But then, after the Holy books including Quran and Bible which are in my library, this is the book which I 've read so many times. I simply adore it. The first page is shot and attached here. This very truly is my

اردو کی پہلی کتاب