There are many places that one visits in his or her life. But only few are those with which a person develops such an attachment that he or she wishes to visit again. Such a place has its own charms. Own flavour. Own aroma. Sometimes it can be a lone location and it can be a centre of hustle. One such place that I wish to visit again in my life is BADSHAHI MOSQUE in Lahore.

It would seem so astonishing to many that I wish to visit a historic place which is even mismanaged by the authorities and more shockingly that I, Aamir Ali is not a pro-Islamic. The reason would unfold in the following lines.

I lived in the enchanting city for a long time, and interestingly i never had the 'TAUFIQ'(chance) to visit the FORT or the MOSQUE which is visited by millions every year especially those who aren't living in Lahore. I had seen it in pictures in my school life. I had seen it on tv. I had seen them on the internet. Yet the truth remains as shocking as it can be that I never visited the Fort or the mosque all that time when I was in Lahore. The first time when I visited this mosque was a very happy winter day(2008) when i came here to say my friday prayers. After the prayers, I roamed in the courtyard of the mosque and shot images that I never posted on the internet at any image-sharing or social-networking site. After leaving Pakistan and Lahore, I had a chance to be in Lahore many months later. I came to Lahore and visited the mosque as well as the fort on one spring morning. It was quite a summer season. I stayed here upto evening. I said my noon and asar prayers here. And then it happened in this mosque an incident that changed Aamir. People now ask me what has happened but no one knows what occured. I found a happiness, a joy that i seeked for years as a young, naive, and in-experienced boy in Lahore and found that joy as a stern, solemn manly Aamir years later. The image attached here is not with the actual date on which it was shot. But this is the portion of the mosque where an event happened that changed Aamir from past to present. This writing is my answer to all those queries raised by people, friends, foes as well as loving and hating hearts and minds!