Things happen. Good as well as bad. Tough as well as easy. Both expected and breaking. Even believable and unbelievable. Almost everyone in my social circle experiences normal and believable things and even expects them to happen in their surrounding. But my personal learning from the life is that even unbelievable things do occur. But seldom is mentioned about them. The family to which i was born and the culture in which i was raised has some predominant thoughts most of which are never scientifically proven because science would take at least next hundred years to testify those concepts. One of those concepts was told by my mom. And as she said
"Never say any unbelievable thing in public, or to friends or even to relatives as people are so reluctant to believe on them that they would just laugh at you."
And i did the same. I never told some "unbelievable" things to most of the people including my very own brother Mani. One such "unbelievable" thing happened when i was preparing for my Chemistry paper in my mauriculation exams. I was sitting at my table. I still remember that i was drawing some benzene ring structure when a thing happened. It was near Fajar time and i was all by myself in my room. Our apartment was at the 5th Floor. The window was open. It was winter. Whatever happened just scared me white!
I hurried to mom. Instead of getting any comfort or sympathy, i got a big scold. After half an hour the mosques echoed Azaan. Dad woke up and we went to the mosque to say prayer. I 'm a very modern Muslim. I listen to Music. I watch movies. I dance. I at times smoke. I hurt myself. I have contra-religious views on things including politics. But still. . . I am a Muslim. I believe in God. I believe Allah is the name of God. He is one. Including all these pro-Islamic concepts, i believe in Quran, i believe in Prayers. I believe in life after death. And what occured that night, strengthened my concepts. If i write such "unbelievable" things here, most will just laugh. I can afford a laughter at myself, but never at the concepts that i follow-after all religion is a group of concepts!

Aamir A.B.