(AABDBSDC-Repair)-My Love... My first School

An institute is like a mother. Caring, loving and an eternal memory. Same goes for the place where one gets his or her job settled. School, college, university etc are mothers if we deal a bit honestly. The image shown is of the first institue i ever joined. The first day when i was hell scared. And even asked mama to stay with me. But she sneaked off to home which further added to my shock. Allama Iqbal School was the first ever where i cried. Where i lost my notebooks. Where i made my first friend. The place was very near(34seconds walk on stopwatch) to my house. But when i was just a schoolboy, the path seemed to stretch forever. I wish to walk on the same path and revive old memories. Ya Rabb! I'm still in so much love with my mother institute!