(AABDBSDC-Repair)-Proud to be Pakistani (by Nahida Ahmed)

Born on 21st of Feb,1990 Ali Muin Nawazish is the nineteen years old youth who had his name written in Guinness Book of World Records for his dazzling 21 As in Cambridge A Level Examination, 2007-8.The earlier record was 13 As.He sat an exam for 23 subjects, he got one C and one B.He studied at Roots School System in Rawalpindi. Computers is the love of his life. Currently he is studying Computer Sciences at The Trinity Hall of Cambridge Unversity London where he has been offered a scholarship too.
Ali says he really enjoyed studying 23 subjects, and is grateful to his parents, and teachers who helped him in achieving this Herculean feat. he said he wants to study Medical after his Computer studies and would come back to serve Pakistan. The reason for his accepting place at Cambridge University is the faculty, who he says are the best in the world, and also it was an honour for him to be given a scholarship by the 800 years old institution.
Ali says that to achieve something in life you have to trust yourself. If we, the youth of Pakistan don't work to bring the change we so often speak of, who would? His role models are his parents, who are both doctors. His favourite book is Harry Potter. On the coming 23rd March he will be given the Presidential Award for Outstanding Performance.

Source: Nawaye Waqt, Sunday Magazine.8th, March.2009