(AABDBSDC-Repair)-Jis ko milay usay Qadar na aaye!

I love kids. I simply love kids. Its my wish that I live long enough to be with my grandchildren. Shown are two images of a trash area in Wah Cantt(Anwar Chowk). Here the cantonment authorities have put a concrete wall around this area. People put their waste in it which the cantonment authorities gather after every four days. Once someone (it's my pray that curse of Allah befalls upon him and her) threw their newborn child here. Obviously the the child was illegal. At that moment thought erupt in my mind like a volcano that destroy the peace of my mind like the lava flows through dried bushes. When I was told about this place, I picked up my camera and went to this place. And shot its images. I was simply filled with questions that why Allah gives things to those that never say a thanks and deny the blessings in a blesphemic fashion. Sex has taken place of love. Love unites two souls to one which even death can't destroy! And throwing a baby to starve to death, mother-f***** people think that sins are washed away although another adds up!

Someone found that baby which was a baby girl! So whatever the reason be, product of a sexual satisfaction or a shameful(as in Pakistani society) girl child, that baby was thrown into a literally dark and dangerous trash area! And I wish for kids...whether be a son or a daughter, I pray to Allah to have them. When I was told this, I called my dad for some money. He was in Saudi Arabia. He transferred some in my account. Thanks to plastic formats, I went to bank and got the cash. Then I went to Imam of the mosque in whose custody was that child. But I am always late to have blessings that is why even my mom says that JAB AKAL BAANT RAHA THA ALLAH TUM LATE PAHUNCHAY THAY. That Imam sahab told me that the child is adopted by a very rich childless man who lives in Basti (a posh area of Wah Cantt). At that time I wish I could cry, I could fight God that I am again late! It was like I lost a daughter or a sister jo kabhe na meri daughter thee na sis!

When I came home, this news was already out. Thanks to a spy cousin who leaked the news. And dad scolded me alot on this matter! This didnt happen for the first time. I have already lost people. Some very loved one. Memories fill me in. At the end I am still left with one question... Jis ko milay usay Qadar na aaye...jisay na milay woh tarasta he rahay!