(AABDBSDC-Repair)-A Tale(Part III)

Once I targeted the bungalow of a rich man. By the appearance of the house, i estimated what prize could i possibly earn. That house was in a far end of Lahore. I watched that house for many days. After so much of wait, one day brought me the good news. That rich man with his family went to attend some ceremony out of Lahore. They put a big lock on the door. The more i saw that lock,the more my heart got excited.
It was winter. I waited impatiently for the night. At the desired time, i got into dark clothes and took a black coat. It was all i had for such tasks and to prevent cold. I took my torch,a rope and my pistol. Infact that pistol was also stolen. When i was about to leave home,my mother told me to be back soon. I satisfied her that i would be back in time. Roaming in the streets, and killing hours,i reached that neighbourhood where that house was.
By that time.people were already gone to bed. It was quite dark in streets. Using the pipes and the rope i had,i entered the bungalow. And same happened what i was expecting. There was jewellery,prize bonds and cash worth sixty thousand rupees. My joy was boundless. I put all in my bag. There were some other valuables like a gramophone, a tv,and very precious silk clothes but i couldn't carry everything. So i left the house and jumped into the street.
The street was very dark. I had hardly taken five steps when i saw a shadow. Being a young man,a felt surge of fear and excitement. It has already happened that during robbery the people inside the house got up. So it wasn't the first time i was facing a fear. When it came near i realized it was the watchman. I could see an axe in his hand. He also saw me and shouted
"Stop! Who are you?"
At that time i did what every thief would do. . . RUN!
He started shouting behind me. As i was running in the dark street, i could feel footsteps behind me. That moment there was only one aim in life. Run and run until there is noone behind for miles. I could hear doors opening and lights turning on behind me. Hiding in streets,following a zigzag route,i reached the end of the neighbourhood. I knew i was trapped.But i was a bit aware of this MOHALLA.I knew that there is a vacant house in this part of neighbourhood which is not occupied for years!I had no time to search for that house.People were behind me.I was breathless. I saw an open window to my right. . .
Without even having a second thought, i jumped inside that window. I sat down. I could hear people outside now. Slowly those voices faded and i realized that now the danger was over. I had gained my breath and stamina. Though the risk had gone cold,i was still in fear that the inhabitants of this house might get up and all the "fruit"i earned will be gone. After ten minutes,i was fresh.Even by this time,there wasn't any noise of any sort in the house.
It was in my favour. I was totally relaxed now. I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out my torch. I pressed it on. A beam of light fell upon the opposite wall. Upon seeing the wall i realized that i was in that house which wasn't occupied for many years. People even said that it had become paranormal. I rushed to the window but it didn't budge. I was trapped into what even i didn't know. My worst fears took me!
. . . TO BE CONTINUED. . .