(AABDBSDC-Repair)-A Day I can never forget. . . ever! (Part I)

Whenever wherever an incident happens, people in Pakistan have a trend to say that they were so near to that area although there could 've been miles away! A similar thing goes for any sort of disturbing activity that happens due to terrorism like blasts etc. One such blast occured in Lahore in 2008 Summers are the headquarters of Federal Investigating Agency. That morning I woke up early. My mom had asked me to go to bank to get a bank draft be made. I had a work of private nature that made me go to Anarkali(a famous bazar in Lahore)
My brother Imran was with me. He took the cheque and went to the bank. That bank was National Savings Centre Bank on Temple Road. It was a coincidence that the Bank and that Federal Investigation Agency Office was on the same road. The most scary coincidence was that the gate of the bank and that F.I.A. 's office were exactly infront of each other. So as the events go, I was in Anarkali while Mani(nick of Imran) was at the bank. I got a bus from home and hopped down at Regal Chowk which was almost at equal distance from Anarkali and Bank!
After getting off the bus, I went to Anarkali and Mani went to Bank. We both were having our cell phones with us. I was coming out of a college building that is in Anarkali when an explosion occured. I felt the jerk. I saw clouds rising from the South. Even Regal Chowk was on the south but at that time panic gripped the people. Someone told me that a bomb has exploded in Anarkali. I was so shocked. By that cloud i was sure it didn't happen in Anarkali. I thought maybe Lahore High Court which was very nearby. But the jerk was so powerful that my heart said it has happened near. I ran to the Mayo Hospital Ortho ward which was quite close by. By the time i reached some place safe, i heard the news of location. It was F.I.A's building. My blood froze. I pulled out my phone from my pocket. Although i never used to talk on road. But that day even such un-said rules were broken by me. I called mani and the network was cut. I had read in my high school that in an area of bomb blast, network drops to zero! And i had realized the strength of blast by the jerks. My mom called me. I lied that we both are together. At that moment i didn't know what happened. . . saying such a lie was necessary . . . CONTINUED