Reset Button

August 2nd, 2018 / 3:30 PM
Even at old age a lot of people want to become young again. There is a price of being young. Of learning and experiencing the same things including troubles and pain. After realising the actual price of starting the life over again, many don't want to press the reset button and give everything up and face the same tortures and the same monsters for another time. Nobody wants to die twice just to be in the same heaven. 
Changing one’s primary method of communication to a newer bridge is not comfortable. Surely has the same price. Without a doubt, the advantage is as enormous as the hardship. I waited for almost 15 minutes in the hall before the realisation hit me. I got up and walked home. I can live with the monster but I don't have either the stamina or the courage to get a new number yet again and start the life from the beginning. I cannot press the reset button. I guess that’s why a lot of men do not develop the same wish you get married once again after marrying for the first time. They can opt for much comforting and easier adventures instead of falling in a pit with fewer hopes of ever coming out of it again. So let’s not press that button. Let’s never press that button.

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