چڑیل | The Witch

October 8th, 2018 / 4:49 PM

I came across a book while roaming the old bazar. A book about witches. Or better, a book on the subject of witches. The subject has exists in almost every culture, religion and region. Though the ideas, beliefs, myths and ideologies about the evil under the guise of a woman differ. Even the one I was born and raised in has a lot to say about this fascinating subject. From folk tales, dramas, contemporary literature, modern writings to informal gossip, proverbs, urban myths and those evening warnings dadi used to say when we kids wanted to go to the neighborhood park had a talk of this evil figure.

As I grew up, so did that churail (چڑیل). She has lost that horrifying makeover from my earliest perceptions. Maybe those perceptions came into existence from all that was spoken about her. No more exist her hard reptilian skin or her beastly nails. The glowing white or black-hole dark eyes are gone too. She doesn’t levitate in the air or walk on the ground with those inverted feet of hers. The horrifying mask of her has fallen. Out has come the appearance I had never expected. Organic. Staple. And normal. Like any other non-witch being. Only a master with a skill and experience of defeating the evil of a thousand witches and beasts might be able to spot her. The fools of men would never be able to do so, even with a thousand eyes. Perhaps that is the reason why she mixes herself so well in the crowd and ordinary mortals fail to spot her truer self.

Not all definitions you start believing in exist in dictionary. Not all ideas you follow are taught at a school. The experience is, after all, the best teacher. It is that very same experience which helped craft definitions for hard-to-define and impossible-to-define concepts including those of life, death, love, divine and the witch. From the hideous and centuries old reptilian skin has come out a normal and organic witch who looks like any other woman you come across. In her definition, she has been to the universities and beyond. She has a social media presence which she aptly uses for two of the most nefarious purposes - propaganda and stalking. Beyond her apparent modernist ideologies live a centuries old soul, if soul has something to do with her, the beliefs of which would not bend with the fevers of present era. Modern age’s men would not stand a moment before her ancient powers.

At least two of the short stories from my book are on this topic too. This number does not do justice as the number of witches that helped define her out of experience is higher. I know at least a few of them would surely read this. Yes, this is for your eyes. You are the witch for you know the evil under your skin better than any mortal ever can. A few of the witches were kind enough. They didn’t suck blood even after biting, in a very literal way. None of them had inverted feet even when some had feet that incited the foot fetish and helped it evolve. I always wondered what if one day she reveals her true nature and the feet bend backward, would my fetish stay the same or disappear? This itself takes that definition to a new level. What if that horrendous scary skin was not what she removed. What if this is the skin she just wore on to mix among her human preys? But a few witches kept saying that men are dogs. Really, if men had been, they would have seen her true self. I was told dogs see what humans cannot. Maybe the inner dog found a bone in this book bazar. It will help him come up with an evolved definition.

Aamir Bilal