"Fifteen years since the Y2K bug."

Everyone was talking about the bug in those days. Yes everyone! But hardly anyone knew what it was supposed to do. It sounded like some alien name from the movies. Being a desi who believes more in the existence of churails than in in aliens and grew up watching Ainak Wala Jinn, I felt indifferent about it and thought that nothing would happen and nothing really happened. The Aliens didn't come to my place nor did anything happened from the Y2K bug. But some days ago when the calendar changed the dates to 2015, I felt old enough to be fifteen years into the future from the bug. How quickly life is turning the pages of years is quite unsettling at times. It was two days before yesterday when I joined school and in three days I am here. No that was the trick of mind or perhaps time is flowing that quick.

I look back at 2014 and recall all the events that happened in this one year. At the time of this writing I hope for goodness ahead.