There is a lady who happens to be an extreme example of egoist although she lacks in her personality all those "worldly" definitions which are needed to be an egoist in the first place.
She is not pretty.
She is not mannered.
She is classless.
She is abnormal.
She is tacky.
But her lies cover her flaws very well. She is a devil who imposters herself as a Devi. Some weeks back, I got a phone call from her asking me a direct question

"Tum ne apnay blog pe jo likha hai mere baray mein likha hai?"

I was in slumber at the time of the call. I picked up my watch and time she called and disturbed my sleep induced a bad mood. The vague nature of the question being fired added to the injury. She was never an important event of life, at least not from the books of beauty, flirt and love. However I do confess that I learned a few evil tricks from her. She read something I wrote. She has many fake identities that she uses online to poke into the lives of others and to keep an eye on them. Like a butcher who sells meat, she lives in the society of the normal and enjoys civil freedom but after midnight she gets into her real colors and hunts humans, mostly men. Her keen interest is the relationships and private lives of these men.

Can't write her name as saying any name openly would make me ill mannered. I don't want to be a butcher who slays people and ethics though doctors are already suffering the heat of being meat eaters.

Aamir Bilal
June 6th, 2013 / 05:33 AM / Karachi