Cleanlessness. Godlessness.,

Atheists can read this writing too without feeling offended. This is not just a proverb but a real lesson. A neat and tidy life can be a pleasure on its own. The word clean is a positive abstract. Filth, dirt, excrement, feces are all negative bring a turnoff to the mood. A neat and tidy thing is a beauty itself except for some perversions.
The cities we live in depict out culture. That makes me feel ashamed of being a person whose culture depicted from the cities is one that contains piles and tonnes of trash and literally heaps of waste fill the road sides, the bus stops and even once-green parks. Trash emits an unbearable stench that the dwellers have started taken as a norm. They breathe this illness and soon the new culture will be born out of it. I have seen people cursing fate for this trash taking over the city but they never realize that they themselves are blinded from their responsibilities of keeping a place where they live suitable for the generations to come. We as humans see the flaws of the government but fail to see the flaws that are our own.

The main gate of a famous Girls College and a famous bus stand look like some landfills situated outside the city. The residential areas smell worse than those landfills. I went to Lahore and Gujranwala and sadly concluded that it is not a problem of Karachi alone. This has effected the whole country. It is painful seeing the beauty of our culture and architecture bring ruined. I have seen kids making fun of people who clean the area in front of their homes. This shows their upbringing to some extent. People have moved so much away from the aesthetic value of cleanliness and then even Godliness. You can never write a ghazal just by staring a heap of garbage. But boys at young age fall for garbage which they realize only when it is too late.
July 3, 2013 / 07:50 AM / Karachi