January 3rd, 2011 / 5:14 PM / Karachi

I recently got a new camera and the only reason why I got it was romantic. I mean the Romance which triggers the human mind and not that romance which is shown in the Bollywood movies. I am taking the camera with me on a daily basis to college and I have already discovered a few spots from where I can take a picture of anyone and the person would not know that his or her picture is being taken. This itself is very evil because it can be used to harm somebody. My intentions however are very decent. There are not many people I want to take a picture of even I have to meet them on a daily basis and they have some sort of effect on my life at least my college life. What I take pictures I have two reasons of it. the first one is a documentation which I do because people change and one can look back at pictures and can fly back into time and get a sense of nostalgia. if there are no pictures of a person or of a particular time, it is very hard to reconstruct a memory with the tiniest detail intact. This is the sole reason why I bought a new camera with the biggest zoom available and the most pocketable size possible. Yes, there are cameras which can offer far longest zoom range than the camera that I use but they are not easy to carry and would attract the attention of college administration. I want to avoid this attention at all costs. Sadly, the attention discovered me early in the morning when one of the security guards found me taking pictures of something in the distant which was not human because there were no humans in the college at that time except for me and those handful security guards. That bastard confiscated my camera and asked me to collect the camera from the college administration after submitting a written application and telling the reason why I bring a camera to college in the first place. He told me that he saw me even yesterday at the New Building taking pictures. Luckily Quaid e Azam came to help me because in Pakistan he is the only person who can save you from anything except death. In fact, in many cases he can also extend the date of the death if not prevent it. I gave him a few red colored Quaids and he gave me my camera back and with a very evil smile that showed his yellow coloured teeth he asked me whom was I taking pictures of because he could not find pictures of that day on the card. That bastard scrolled through the gallery on the camera and couldn’t find older pictures. It is my old practice that I offload my phones and cameras on a daily basis and once every week I make a backup of my phones and save all my text messages and phone call logs to at least two different places physically apart from each other. That is why he was not able to see the face of that girl whose pictures I am taking for the last few days. Maybe that is a romance. But I cannot call that are romance because calling that would land me into hot water. So unless the current hot water evaporates from life and makes way for a newer and hotter hot water, it is useless to confess any romance. I got my camera back around 11. Then I took a few pictures of her before leaving for home around 2 with the same high spirits.