CG Lunch

January 7th, 2010 / 4:01 PM / Karachi

The clinical group of which I have become a part of decided to have a lunch together. these are the people whom  I did not know well enough to let them see how good or bad I eat. I never liked anybody looking at me or staring me when I am gulping down food chunks. I am the most happiest when I'm eating my favourite food and when nobody is watching. I can add watching my favourite cartoons when I eat all my myself.So you can imagine that it was not easy by any definition that I set with a group of people whom I know most would judge because they come in a higher hierarchy academically at least.This is also fact that people who come from are financially sound family At least in my college have a few habits which are not good by any standards. One of those habits include judging people who are inferior to you either because  they live in an average house or they have an average mind or maybe they have a three digit roll number. now to add to the injury they would see me opening my mouth and taking a food chunk inside. the time passed and we had lunch together if you can call that lunch because the place was not hygienic at all and it was done intentionally by the group leader because he too feels uncomfortable with people who think they are superior to others. I was very happy when I came home and I had to eat again all by myself my favourite food and watching cartoons and knowing that no one would judge.