January 17th, 2009

It was my flight in the evening. Hassan dropped me home.  there was such a massive traffic jam in Sadar that we were able to reach only the Hyderabad bus adda.  from there onwards it was such a massive Rush that I decided to get ready and leave for the airport as soon as I can. I had given my Jupiter device to Hassan so that it stays operational. back and Lahore one of my internet connections was suspended just because nobody was using it for a couple of weeks. and it was very cumbersome  to get that connection working again. I hope by the time I come back everything is working fine and in perfect order. I have written this post while sitting in the waiting lounge of the airport. Mom and Mani are tired. I have my diary with me but my pen has dried up that is why I decided to type this post. I hope none of the scary Wi-Fi stories about airport internet comes true.