January 21st, 2009

I never knew that I would be so much addicted to Facebook as I am now a days. there are very few people from the class who are as actively using the platform as I am. One of the reasons of this excessive use is the ability to use Facebook on the go. Most of my classmates still use the internet while sitting in front of a screen. I have a feeling that in the coming years this trend will change when smartphones like the iPhone or the Nokia N-Series  would be more cheaper and in more hands. I made a twitter ID a few days ago but I forgot the password and now I am locked out. even though I like that platform more than Facebook it is still a deserted town. someone from my class is also addicted to Facebook I have not seen who that girl is in the real life but she uses no photograph on her profile. But we have been exchanging messages very regularly. at the moment there is no possibility that these exchange of messages might evolve into something else. the previous evolutions are still more of a poison instead of a fountain of life. this classmate seems cultured and sophisticated through her messages. but she has made no comments or likes like the old poisons which have found me on Facebook.  somebody told me in old days that it is a poison which can kill another. I am actively searching for the cure.

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