January 15, 2008 / 1:34 PM / Khobar

I stalked a hijabi today.

Why did it?

Maybe I know. Maybe I don't. But the fact remains that I did it. No, I did not shout any words at her. I did not block her path. In fact, I did not even let her know that I was stalking her. It is just like reading a review of a book before buying the book or even developing an interest in the book. But the cover of the book so far looks very interesting. Damn interesting! The day after tomorrow I leave for Umrah. So it's my tomorrow's agenda that I make the first rendezvous if there is any frail or strong plot in the book in future. There are many handsome ways to get somebody's attention. So I always advise never to opt a cheap style to gain somebody's attention. A good and elegant way will get you the same fruit which a savage and classless way would.