Mecca Day 2

January 17, 2008 / 9:10 PM / Mecca

Everybody is asleep at this time.

The long travel and the Umrah made them too tired to stay awake even at this time when it is not late. Sleep seems to be far away from me however. That is why almost an hour ago, I went outside, grabbed a taxi and went to that part of the city where some years ago I saw a marriage hall, a handsome groom and beautiful bride. But there was nothing there today which was some years ago. The memory is still so very fresh. I stayed there for a few minutes sitting by the side of the road. But I had no stamina to make and break thoughts there which is why I came back to the hotel and now I am in my bed looking at the dark ceiling hoping to find a glowing memory which can enlighten and show the path. Until I drift off and maybe see my own bride. Who knows.