January 2nd, 2008 / 5:58 PM / Khobar

Alfred Hitchcock’s movie The Rear Window always made me live in some congested neighborhood of skyrise, at least for some time so I can take pictures of my neighbours without letting them know. That is what the movie is about. The hero lives in an apartment where he has interesting neighbors. One day he sees a woman getting murdered while he is looking outside and taking pictures of his neighbours.

I do not have such a camera or such neighbours whom I should be talking about. That is why during evenings I go to the rooftop with my binoculars and see the seaside which is hardly a kilometre away from my home. I take tea at that time which I enjoy at the roof. Today I was enjoying the sight through the binoculars when I saw a strange bird. I had never seen such a pigeon before. It looked like a pigeon but I wonder whether it was a pigeon in the first place or not. It was all black in colour and had a crown on top of his head that matched the colour of his face which was very shiny but dark purple. I utilised my mobile phone to take its pictures but first I viewed him from the binoculars and then placed my phone at the other end of the binoculars to take the picture. The pictures are not extremely clear but they show the bird and are a proof of how beautiful the creature was.