April 2nd, 2008 / Nishat / Lahore

Went to the hostel early morning. Had an agenda to fill. First I planned to achieve that by asking Lala. But he was preoccupied in some task of his. Hence, Jami came to the rescue. By 8 o’clock, we were ready. Sana had told me that she would be visiting Lahore on a college trip arranged by her batch and hence, the planned rendezvous. I had not expected the day to stretch so long which in the end seemed very short. Time is a relative depending on the joy it imparts. Jami however got bored and I had to arrange a good dinner for him, which I did. From the canteen of OPD to a few gardens and landmarks, the day turned out to be a cherished one for the memories.

It is not a sting of an acquaintance, not of friends. I feel a change already. Like a burn. I need to keep an eye on this. So far, the burn has been sweeter than all the comforts. A constant string of calls by Mom were constantly ignored. She had slept by the time I got back. I know tomorrow, I would be facing a storm. But all such storms are welcomed only if they bring spring along them. One spring was today. At the time when I am writing this down, a string of messages flow both ways. I hope the way is longer than all the other ways that had remained too bitter to walk even when some were really really short.