January 2nd, 2007 / 10:08 PM / Ras Tanura

I want to meet Haider uncle. Going to that old city is just like meeting own’s self stuck in time. I have heard that whenever a man goes to a place he has lived, He always meets his own self. As the city is not that big it has not seen rapid or drastic changes.  Except for a park which has been renovated, almost everything looks like unchanged. that first stop still exists from where I used to catch a bus to school. I have heard that the bus driver uncle left that job some years ago. I know that still some school kids would use this bus stop with a new driver. this is an analogue it to life itself.  somebody is living the same life again just like somebody live the life before me. We are all given different characters that we live and then we move on to a better place as they say. Hyder uncle was complaining about some ups and downs in his life. From the day we are going to the day we are no more we keep fighting resistance against us. I guess that is one way of defining life.