Langra Gandu

January 25th, 2007 / 4:32 PM / 313 FH

I am too lazy to join the exercise bandwagon. But Lala has decided to exercise. I don’t know how that idea has popped up in his head. But we were in the ground today. It would have been more relaxing if we were just sitting on the edge and had watched the football match instead. But the sudden strenuous work has made the mind lighter and empty already. I wonder if we go for that again tomorrow. The match however got interesting when a fourth year junior mocked the ill-mannered goalkeeper of the final year. That final year’s keeper is a foul mouth person. He lives in the same block as us. And every morning we see his snake sitting in the latrine because he is too bad mannered to wash his shit away. He has one leg shorter than the other and that makes him limp. That junior called him a langra because of which he lost his already bad temper. He is one of those we never liked. And we are not the only beings in the hostel who don't like him for his behavior. In fact no one likes him. He wears a pair of spectacles when playing football. Battery. Langra. Gandu.