Dr. K

January 30th, 2007 / 10:21 AM / DLKE

Just met a teacher. I never liked him. I never hated him either. He taught us biochemistry which is why he, as the people say, developed a complex that his subject is minor and makes him not as big or as important as other deans of the other departments. Some of his habits point out to that too. Just consider this fact. There used to be four lectures and one laboratory session for biochemistry. But now two lectures and the laboratory session are scheduled for Saturday. One biochemistry lecture happens from 8 to 9 at the start of the day. The lab happens at 11. And the last lecture with which the day ends is also taken up by his lecture. That is done intentionally so no student could ever skip classes or enjoy longer weekends. People who live in the hostel but are from the surrounding cities like Kasoor and Gujranwala used to leave for homes on Friday after the first compulsory class of anatomy ends at 10. So to stop that practice, our biochemistry dean introduced the mandatory attendance for those clever folks. Almost all of my weekends go by at the hostel. So I am finding the near suffocating filled classroom on Saturdays very entertaining. Still, I don’t like Dr. K. His name starts with a K. Seriously. He is writing a book about preclinical biochemistry. I hope if that ever reaches the markets, people will believe that his name really starts with a K. Sach.