November 15th, 2004 / 7:22 PM / HC Lahore

I just got my first camera phone. I wanted to get one back when I went home. but the restrictions there are too stiff. I had been using my n-gage for the last couple of months but the lack of a camera is what makes me feel that it's really like that one element which if it had would make it the best phone on the market. I called Mani for suggestion and he suggested me to buy a Sony Ericsson. Lala and me came from the hostel and after having that thick rabri milk from Rahat Bakery, we went to a shop and bought the phone. When we were coming out we met a friend from my school. He was also in the same group but he told us that he had given up studying and got married last week. And he had come to the same place to buy a phone for the sister of his wife. Thank god I am not married being otherwise this phone would also be taken away from me or at least each folder along the inbox would be scanned on a daily basis. Lala is asking me to go to Mailsi with him. But soon I have to make a trip to Wah. After that if God wills, we will go to Mailsi together. Rasheed Sahab came to our room in the afternoon and he told us that some people have complained that he being an employee of another block of hostel comes to look after our room which happens to be in another block and only the employees of this block are allowed to work for us. This has earned him a few enemies. He is a good person and that is why we don't want to give him up. We have asked him to hold on for a few days and we will increase his salary. It is difficult to find a person like him who looks after so well.