The Fall

August 21st, 2002 / 8:59 PM / ALKH

A woman in our neighborhood was murdered a few days ago. She was a Pakistani which is why the police have increased their patrolling in our neighborhood. Nobody knows why she was murdered. There could have been many obvious reasons if she were a young woman but she was in her sixties and was living with her son and her husband. Her son works in an oil firm and has three kids ages three, six and eight. Our building manager has erected a scaffolding in order to start new paint work on the building. Ours is not the only one where such work has started. Before the winter is set in, a lot of building owners get this work done. However after this incident of the murder of that old woman, people are very afraid especially those housewives who have to stay at home after their husbands are at work and children are gone to school in the early hours of the day. As most of the windows are just sliding type and they don't have the lock and key like doors, people have become frosty. The bigger question nobody is asking is the motive behind the murder. Dad told me that in the early hours of the fajar prayer people heard the scream of a woman before a loud thud a few seconds later. They discovered her dead body in the alley between the two buildings. I am not a good writer but if I were this is a good subject for a story. May her soul rest in peace. Amen.