Friend in Love

November 26th, 2000 / 9:40 AM / ALKH

A friend and a classmate are different words. But a classmate is a friend and he is in some serious trouble. His name is XXXXX He comes to school from a different city daily and in the past few months, he has done a few actions that his father first contacted school and then he called me just to meet me and talk to his son. The first shift of school ends at 12:30 but those whose homes are far from school are allowed to leave ten minutes earlier. As he is one of those, he leaves early. On every tuesday, they are also allowed to stay inside the school and attend the evening laboratory class. As I live just a minute worth of walk from the school, I head home, eat and sleep until I have to come back. He on the other hand keeps roaming on the streets. I have asked him to come along me and rest but he has always declined that offer. Last week he told me that he is in love with a girl who comes from the same city. Though he hasn’t told me her name, he has told me that her family belongs to Kharian and she has a younger sister who is learning French. Today his father met me and was worried for his son. He also told me that my friend has told at home that the laboratory session happens on four out of five days a week. That is why he doesn’t head home. On all those days, he returns at 9 only to sleep. Most of the time he even sleeps in the same clothes. Uncle is really worried about XXXXX

That is alarming. Can it be love? Scares me.